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Welcome to VetNetwork’s
Winter Newsletter!

The economic slowdown is having a profound impact on all industries, including veterinary medicine. Developing a strong marketing plan for your veterinary hospital—including websites, brochures, social networking, and search engine optimization—is one of the best ways your practice can weather these uncertain economic times. In this edition of our newsletter, we share with you tips and strategies on how to market your veterinary practice and make it grow. Also in this edition: a look at what pet care articles your clients are reading this month and a digital camera buying guide.

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The Need for a Good Marketing Plan During an Economic Downturn

Many marketing experts agree that a bad economic climate is one of the best times to develop and implement a good marketing plan for your practice.

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Fight Back Against Negative Internet and Website Reviews

You can’t please everyone all the time and negative feedback from clients is inevitable. But what happens when those negative reviews are the first thing people see when searching for your hospital’s website?

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How Your Veterinary Hospital Can
Benefit From Social Networking

Social networking sites have many applications apart from establishing personal and professional connections.

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Why Your Hospital
Should Have a Blog

Blogs are a fast, easy way to share important health information, connect with your clients and market your veterinary hospital’s services.

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Buying a Digital Camera for Your Veterinary Hospital

Whether you need to take photos of your hospital for your website or simply want to snap some pictures of clients and their pets, a digital camera is a useful tool to have at your veterinary hospital.

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This month in Cat Fancy Magazine, your clients are reading about kidney transplants and hyperthyroidism.

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This month, Dog Fancy Magazine reports on DNA Testing to “reveal your mutt’s breed composition.” There is also an interesting article about colleges that are opening their doors to students with pets.

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Help Clients Finance Pet Care

Costs are rising in all areas of health care—including veterinary medicine. Keeping costs low enough for clients to afford—but not so low that you’re losing money and harming your practice—is an ongoing issue that all veterinarians face.

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VetNetwork Services

VetNetwork is a marketing and design company exclusively for veterinary hospitals. Our services and products are guaranteed to increase your profits and attract new clients.

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