VetNetwork Newsletter December 2010 Part 2

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News alert from VetNetwork: Help Your Clients Choose Pet Insurance

Talk to your clients about pet insurance

Pet Health Insurance: Help Your Clients Make the Right Choice

As with human healthcare, the cost of veterinary care is increasing, which in turn is leading a number of pet owners to choose what is termed “economic euthanasia.” Essentially, the cost to treat the illness or injury is more than the owner can afford.

To help prevent pet owners from falling into such a situation, there are a number of companies that offer a relatively wide range of pet health insurance products. The idea behind most of these products is that by offering a low monthly premium, pet owners will be able to protect their pet’s health in a medical emergency. For the most part, these products do provide reassurance.

However, there are a few issues pet owners should be aware of before purchasing insurance for their pets. Our latest blog should help you advise your clients on the merits of individual pet health insurance policies. Click to read more about pet insurance issues and caveats.