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October, 2014

Veterinary News Now:
Veterinary Marketing Tips and Online Reputation

What You Need To Know Now

Friends and colleagues,

As a busy veterinary practice owner with a demanding schedule, you need to know how to take advantage of veterinary marketing industry trends before they allow your competitors to get ahead. Reacting quickly to emerging opportunities can make the difference between gaining new clients and falling dangerously behind. Read on for exclusive discussion of veterinary news affecting veterinary practices right now, and to get more veterinary marketing tools and resources to help your practice move forward and continue to grow.

—Dr. Mark Feltz, DVM, and the Creative Team at VetNetwork

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Keep Your Veterinary Practice's Growth From Lagging Behind

Personalized Client Connections Key To Avoiding Business Declines

Veterinary practices saw lagging or stagnant growth throughout 2013, and your veterinary hospital could be in danger of joining their ranks without the right veterinary marketing strategy. In the September issue dvm360, Dr. Michael Paul wrote that most veterinary practices experienced no growth at all in 2013, and 23% suffered a decline. While Dr. Paul explains it’s essential to make your relationship with pet owners more personal, authentic and caring, our latest VetNetwork veterinary marketing blog details the concrete steps your practice can take right now to do just that through online veterinary hospital marketing. Learn more about how VetNetwork can boost your client connections and bottom line through better veterinary branding and marketing.

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Reach Your Next Untapped Veterinary Client Segment: Millenials

Veterinary Reputation Management Helps Your Business Stand Out To The Tech-Savvy Crowd

Like any small business, the long-term health of your veterinary practice relies on remaining relevant and attractive to your target consumers. So who are the pet owners of the not-so-distant future? You’ve probably already heard the stories. They’re self-absorbed, tech-savvy and approval-seeking – and there are a lot of them. According to a study by Wakefield Research, the millennial generation – those born between 1980 and 2000 – will have more spending power than Baby Boomers by 2018.

They also hardly seek out any service - especially veterinarians - without first consulting Google, Facebook, Yelp, or another online service. They're considered important resources to a massive concentration of customers, and to position your practice for continued expansion, it's vital to understand how they perceive your business as well as how you can manage your veterinary reputation. VetNetwork’s reputation management services are specially designed for veterinary practices and their needs in this area. If you want to keep attracting millennials like me as our spending power increases, veterinary hospital reputation management is a must for your veterinary practice. Contact VetNetwork today to learn more.

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VetNetwork Services

VetNetwork is a full-service veterinary marketing company dedicated to the needs of veterinary hospitals. Our professional graphic designers and writers are here to help take your practice to the next level. If it's time to re-design your veterinary hospital website, or add a mobile veterinary site or get Page 1 Google rankings and traffic with our veterinary SEO services, give us a call today!


Sincerely yours,

Mark Feltz, DVM and the Veterinary Marketing Staff at VetNetwork
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