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Get Back to Basics This Summer with VetNetwork

veterinary marketing basicsFriends and colleagues,

Summer is a great time to get back to veterinary marketing basics. Throw open the windows, eat fresh vegetables right from the garden and savor simple pleasures such as the smell of fresh cut grass. It is also a good time to think about the most effective and often overlooked methods for bringing new clients into your practice: direct mail postcards, veterinary brochures and business cards. Whether you have a new practice or an established, well-respected hospital, all are fundamental for growing your business.

Along with articles about these valuable veterinary marketing techniques, we have also included excerpts from a discussion with two veterinary hospital owners for whom we recently designed a direct mail postcard and brochure.

In our "Spotlight on Design" column, we feature Bryan Road Animal Hospital's website, a new addition to our veterinary web design portfolio.

Thank you for taking the time to read VetNetwork's quarterly veterinary marketing newsletter. Offering valuable veterinary marketing information to help you connect with pet owners and grow your practice is our only goal. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 603-743-4321.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the summer!

ā€”Dr. Mark Feltz, DVM, and the Creative Team at VetNetwork

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Direct Mail Brings Pet Owners Into Your Practice Immediately

Molly Wade A Veterinary Marketing Strategy That Gets Tails Wagging

Direct mail marketing is an all-around win-win strategy for your practice. A powerful veterinary marketing tool that generates new clients and additional revenue, direct veterinary marketing is a low-cost way to target all pet owners in your community. Direct mail marketing also provides immediate and measurable results. How best to achieve success? Read on!

Know the RIGHT Way

The success of any veterinary marketing campaign begins with knowing your audience. Direct mail veterinary marketing is a complex discipline that requires balancing four important elements in order attract pet owners to your hospital.

In essence, you need to focus on four "Rs":

  • Deliver the Right message
  • at the Right time
  • to the Right person
  • in the Right way

Direct mail is advantageous for all veterinary hospitals. For any veterinary hospital, it can be used to generate new clients. For a large or existing practice, it can be used to showcase a new technology or announce a new service. For a veterinary specialty hospital, a postcard can be sent out to announce the arrival of a board certified specialist.

Impress with Flying Colors

An attractive, full-color, large-sized veterinary marketing postcard makes a great first impression on your prospective veterinary clients. Include warm and inviting photos, a short well-crafted message or even a coupon for a free pet exam or grooming discount.

If your postcard is eye-catching, creative and informative, pet owners will keep it on their refrigerator or counter as a convenient reminder of your veterinary services.

Test Your Target

Additional advantages of a direct mail campaign for your veterinary hospital include:

  • You can target recipients precisely
  • Batch mailing allows protection against an overwhelming response
  • Message modification is available for individual batches
  • Able to test various messages to determine which campaign works best

Launch a One-Two Veterinary Marketing Punch

Use print and internet-based veterinary marketing to provide a better experience for your clients and a better result for you. Consider communicating with clients first by email and then following up in a week or two by direct mail.

The creative veterinary marketing team at VetNetwork understands your target audience and has the skills to develop the four "Rs" in just the right way to bring pet owners into your practice. If you are interested in reaching out to pet owners in your community with a successful and cost-effective veterinary direct mail campaign that produces measurable results, call VetNetwork today at 800-564-4215.

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Advanced Veterinary Marketing with a Brochure

veterinary brochuresPush the Envelope and Place Your Brochure Inside

Brochures are among the most versatile veterinary marketing tools you can use to inform clients of your services. Even in today's technology-driven world, a colorful, interesting and professionally-designed brochure is fundamental for attracting new clients.

Provide an Illustrated Glimpse of Your Hospital

With eye-catching design, compelling text and professional photos, your brochure has the power to highlight the benefits and services of your veterinary hospital. It serves as a tangible, in-hand reminder as to why your veterinary hospital stands out from the competition. Your veterinary hospital brochure provides information about the special services you offer (house calls, extended hours) and can educate pet owners on a wide range of topics. Offering a brochure will whet a potential client's appetite for learning more about your veterinary hospital and the personalized services you offer.

Let Your True Colors Shine Through

Colors impact body and mind by stimulating our physiology and mental states. Thus, the colors you choose for your veterinary brochure are crucial for expressing the tone of your practice. These same colors should be used for your logo, postcards and all your hospital literature.

Your veterinary brand colors should set you apart from other veterinary hospitals, establish a promise to your clients and their pets, integrate well within the veterinary industry and create a positive image of who you are.

A Great Veterinary Hospital Brochure Has No Competition

Pet owners searching for a veterinarian online are overwhelmed by the number of websites and the abundance of information they find. Give them something tangible from a source they can trust ā€“ your practice ā€“ and they will reward you with their business and loyalty.

Specific advantages of a veterinary hospital brochure include:

  • Pique client curiosity and lead prospective clients to your door
  • Communicate your pet care philosophy, wellness services and advanced care treatment options with your clients
  • Educate clients on the value and benefits of your services
  • Support and augment your verbal messages
  • Provide a reference for your clients to review after the appointment

Every element of your hospital's veterinary marketing effort must be aligned with your brand, including your brochure. The experts at VetNetwork know how to help you define your brand and create a marketing plan that clearly differentiates your practice from the competition. Pet owners expect more than just good service and reasonable prices; they want to identify with your brand. VetNetwork ensures that your brochure will do just that.

Call VetNetwork at 800-564-4215 today and together we can develop the perfect veterinary hospital brochure for your practice.

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Listen to What Our Clients are Saying

Wondering if VetNetwork's veterinary print marketing materials are right for you? Here are two happy clients for whom we recently designed a successful brochure and direct mail postcard:

Dr. Kate Anderson, Anderson Animal Hospital:

"I knew that a brochure could be a very effective marketing piece, but I didn't know where to start. VetNetwork created our brochure and the process was so easy! It took next to no effort on my part and my brochures came out amazing! I give them out to clients and have them distributed in my area wherever pet owners go."

Dr. Janet Foley, Sonoma County Mobile Veterinary Hospital:

"When I was starting my mobile practice, I knew that marketing was going to be the key. Everyone needs a website, but I needed to take even more proactive steps to get my phone ringing. I chose VetNetwork because of their full service aspect. I could achieve my social media goals and my advertising requirements all in one place with REAL people that listened to MY needs. You were great at realizing my unique perspective and took the time to help me decide what was best for my business.

After speaking with VetNetwork, we decided that direct mail postcards sent to pet owners in specific areas would be the best way for me to get my name in front of prospective clients and start generating business. We also decided to offer an initial discount as an incentive to try my services. After sending out the postcards, that incentive has been bringing people my way for months. My mobile practice is unique and I think many local pet owners weren't aware that our services were even offered.

I have been busier than I imagined and I'm certain that the postcards directly resulted in more clients."

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What's in Your Wallet? A Business Card?

veterinary business cardsNever mind a Capital One credit card. Is your veterinary hospital's business card tucked in there?

Your veterinary hospital business card may look like a simple piece of stiff paper, but it serves as an important window into your profession. If you can get your potential clients to look inside, they will come.

3.5 x 2 Inches = The Power of You

The standard business card size is 3.5" x 2". If you vary from this, your veterinary business card may be more unique and memorable than others. But make sure it still fits into a standard business card holder device and wallet. If a potential client finds a card cumbersome or inconvenient, it will land quickly in the waste paper basket.

Use your space wisely. How? Keep your veterinary logo an appropriate size, don't make the font too small, and consider white space as your friend. Remember the tried and true adage: sometimes less is more.

In only a few words and symbols, you should be able to communicate that you, your hospital staff and your veterinary practice are:

  • Credible
  • Qualified
  • Beneficial
  • Dependable
  • Unique

Veterinary Business Card Bling

Impress prospective clients by dressing up your veterinary business card in its finest. How to do this? Use your veterinary hospital marketing bling! Here are some suggestions:

  • Create a well-crafted tag line
  • Select an impressionable but simple logo
  • Choose colors that send the right message

Your hospital's business card serves as a powerful branding and advertising weapon. Conversely, an ineffective business card that does not accurately portray you and/or your veterinary hospital negatively impacts your image and growth. VetNetwork's creative staff can help you design an effective veterinary business card that is well within your budget.

Leave it to the veterinary marketing professionals at VetNetwork to ensure that you and your animal hospital get the care and attention you deserve.

So move over Capital One card, here comes your veterinary hospital.

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SPOTLIGHT ON NEW DESIGN: Bryan Road Animal Hospital

Bryan Road Animal Hospital is a new practice in O'Fallon Missouri that was looking for a strong web presence to help them build their business. VetNetwork's graphic design and veterinary content teams worked with the practice owners to produce a veterinary website that beautifully captures what the veterinary hospital is about and how they serve local O'Fallon pets and pet owners every day.

veterinary website design

View our complete veterinary website portfolio of custom-designed veterinary hospital websites, brochures, veterinary marketing logos and mobile sites.

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VetNetwork Services

VetNetwork is a full-service veterinary marketing company dedicated to the needs of veterinary hospitals. Our professional graphic designers and writers are here to help take your practice to the next level. If it's time to re-design your veterinary hospital website, add a mobile site, or our achieve top Google rankings with our proven SEO services, give us a call today!


Sincerely yours,

Mark Feltz, DVM and the Staff at VetNetwork
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