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Make 2014 Your Hospital's Best Year Yet, With VetNetwork

Dr. Mark Feltz and veterinary marketing Dear Clients and Friends,

Welcome to 2014! We hope that all of you affected by the Arctic Vortex are managing to stay warm. The negative temperatures and wind chills have even challenged the hardiest of New Englanders here in New Hampshire. Of course, we are also dealing with the New England Patriots championship loss, but can appreciate Peyton Manning, whose win is seen not just as solidifying his personal comeback, but a resurrection of the Bronco's franchise.

Comeback stories are inspiring, and remind us that with the right mix of dedication, talent, and a strong team, we can achieve great things. In this quarter’s newsletter, we are focused on helping inspire you to start the year off right. First, learn about our exciting new offer: a customized app for your veterinary hospital and how it delivers what pet owners want and keeps you ahead of your competition. Then learn about the infographics we are developing for your clients, and all the important ways they can help market your practice.

As small business owners, you always have to keep an eye on legal issues that impact your practice. With that in mind, we are also featuring an article on non-complete clauses. For more legal topics that are relevant to you, please check out the legal posts on our blog.

Finally, we close this newsletter with our "Spotlight on Design" featuring the new website for Cottage Veterinary Care in Pacific Grove, CA, and an interview with Dr. James Mosley, the owner of Mandarin Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, FL and one of our clients.

How will your business look at the end of 2014? Whatever your vision is, it’s hard to get there alone. As the owner of VetNetwork, I'm happy to share the successful marketing strategies that have worked for hundreds of professionals, just like you.

To learn more about how VetNetwork can help you realize your goals in 2014, please give us a call. This call may be your best business decision of the year.

—Dr. Mark Feltz, DVM, and the Creative Team at VetNetwork

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Give Pet Owners One-Touch Access to Your Veterinary Hospital with VetNetwork's Customized App!

In late 2013, we finalized development of a very exciting product: a veterinary app that delivers easy, one-touch access to your veterinary practice. No browser, no searching – with a custom app, your practice remains ever-present and top-of-mind, right on your clients' smartphone and tablet screens. It is the next level of service that your clients will want and appreciate – and come to expect.

Click on the video link below and watch members of the VetNetwork team explain how an app developed by us and customized for your veterinary hospital can have a real impact on your business. Get ahead of the curve, and your competition, by purchasing your own customized veterinary hospital app today!


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700%: increase in percentage of online mobile traffic
on Black Friday, from 2010 to 2013

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Why Infographics are a Great Way to Market Your Veterinary Hospital

Infographics are visual interpretations of information that present information quickly and clearly. They respond to the way we understand and remember information, which makes them a great way to communicate with pet owners, both in print and online. Infographics get searched, get shared, go viral, and drive pet owners to your website. Bottom line: Infographics are a marketing tool you should be using.

Infographics Work

Interested in learning more about how infographics can help your veterinary practice? At VetNetwork, our talented content development and graphic design teams have developed infographics about some of the most common issues pet owners face, such as flea and tick prevention, heartworm disease, and weight management. Use them as Facebook and Google+ posts, add them to your Pinterest board, or include them on your website and encourage pet owners to share with their friends. These useful and lively resources will spread the word about your veterinary practice and help build your reputation as a trusted source among all the pet owners in your community! Want to know more? Call or contact us today!

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70% of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends
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Veterinarians and Non-Compete Clauses

To read additional articles on legal issues that may affect your veterinary practice, check out http://vetnetwork.com/blog/category/legal/

Graduating from veterinary school is only the beginning. Along with setting up veterinary school loan repayments, you're now contemplating where to work and how to enter into important contracts with your new employer. Understanding the value of non-compete clauses will not only help you as a new veterinarian but also as a one-day potential employer.

What are Non-Compete Clauses?

Non-compete clauses protect both a veterinary practice owner and a veterinarian associate. Simply put, they prohibit a terminated associate from operating a competing practice within a geographic area for a reasonable set period of time. So how can you prevent a good employment relationship from turning into septic shock? It depends on which side of the electric fence you sit.

The Veterinarian Associate:

If you are a new veterinarian, you want to protect yourself when entering into an employment contract. The restriction on your right to compete should be fair and should be no broader than necessary in length of time and geographic scope. Remember to negotiate a non-competition agreement before you start your employment, not when you are ready to end it. Failure to do so may result in your being stuck and unable to successfully negotiate your next career move.

The Veterinarian Employer:

Non-compete clauses are also designed to be fair and protect an employer's business interest. An employer invests time, training, money, client relationships, etc. with his/her employees and the courts will allow the employer to protect those interests.

Drafting Tips

  • Be narrow. Be specific about pertinent proprietary information (equipment, technology, sales prospects, etc.)
  • Be exact (Don't make the clause too broad.)
  • Be reasonable (Time and geographic restrictions should not be too long or too broad.)

Preventive Care is Always the Best Remedy

If you have been caught at the short end of the non-compete stick, there are certainly remedies you may pursue, such as an injunction, monetary damages and attorney's fees. However, incorporating a well-crafted non-compete clause into an employee contract is far more advantageous (whether you are the associate or the employer) and offers both parties comfort knowing they are protected should the employment relationship one day comes to an end.

For more information regarding legal issues relating to veterinary medicine, please check out our full website at vetnetwork.com/.

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Noon & Saturday: Best time and day to post on Facebook for most shares
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SPOTLIGHT ON NEW DESIGN: Cottage Veterinary Care

With its soft amber colors and beautiful design, Cottage Veterinary Care in Pacific Grove, CA highlights the detail and delicacy with which VetNetwork can serve you and your online marketing needs. Their custom website provides a soothing, natural look as well as all the information pet owners wish to know about this clinic. To view our complete portfolio of custom-designed websites, brochures, logos and mobile sites, please click here.

Cottage Veterinary Care

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66% of dog owners say they would refuse to date someone who didn't like their pet
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Client Success Story: Mandarin Animal Hospital

Mandarin Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida partnered with VetNetwork in 2011 to design the hospital's custom website and logo and develop their online and print marketing plan. We recently spoke with the hospital owner, Dr. James Mosley, about his marketing successes and relationship with VetNetwork.

A Long-Term Partnership

When Dr. Mosley partnered with us, he knew that online marketing was the logical next step for moving his practice forward. He chose VetNetwork because he wanted "a customized website that we could really make ours and personal, dedicated service from a company specializing in the veterinary industry."

For Dr. Mosley, his practice's website designed by VetNetwork has become the core component of his marketing plan.

"We have seen amazing growth since we implemented the website," he said. "It's hard to pinpoint what does what, but I can tell you we get a lot of compliments on our website. I think a big portion of our growth is not just due to our website but all the marketing that surrounds it. It's fair to say we're getting new clients in the double-digits as a result."

The Importance of Dedicated Service

When asked about advice he would give a colleague who is just getting started with online marketing, Dr. Mosley said, "Do your homework, pick and choose who you take advice from, and find a web design company you can trust." He also cautioned against any company who will "try to get you to do everything under the sun."

"We appreciate what VetNetwork does for us and feel comfortable with things," he said. "We don't hesitate to call you. I think you are true to your core foundation and also being progressive, which is what I need as a young veterinarian and practice owner."

In partnership with Mandarin Animal Hospital, VetNetwork has developed its custom website, mobile website, brochure, and logo. We are also currently developing a customized app that pet owners can download to their smartphones or tablets. With its Mandarin Animal Hospital app and supported by its on-going partnership with VetNetwork, the practice will take their service to the next level, strengthen pet owner trust and loyalty, and continue to grow.

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1,378,926: number of fans of Grumpy Cat's Facebook page
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