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July 2015

AdWords: a Big Mistake For Your Practice | Why Is Good SEO Vital For Veterinary Hospitals? | Contact

veterinary marketing newsWithout Quality Veterinary SEO, Your Website May Never Be Seen

Dear Colleagues,

It's never been more important to make sure that your veterinary hospital's website ranks at the top of Google searches. Potential new clients in your area are utilizing their PCs, mobile phones and tablets to seek out veterinary services right now, and if your practice isn't on the top of page one, it might as well not exist.

The only surefire way to guarantee your veterinary hospital's website will end up at customers' fingertips is by applying quality veterinary search engine optimization (SEO) methods from experts who understand what your business needs to expand.

Quality SEO should provide your practice with the following:

  • Top organic search rankings that surpass your competition
  • Significant, measurable increase in website visits
  • Increased pet owner confidence in your practice
  • More clients making appointments and increased revenue

In this newsletter we'll provide an overview of how you can best utilize veterinary SEO services to secure your ranking at the top of Google's search results.

As owner of VetNetwork, I’m happy to share the innovations and strategies that have worked for hundreds of veterinarians just like you. Please call and mention this newsletter to get your first month of SEO for free.

Thank you and enjoy the newsletter.

Mark Feltz, DVM, Owner
VetNetwork, LLC

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veterinary marketing newsWhy AdWords is a Mistake for Your Veterinary Hospital

You want your website to rank high in Google's search results so pet owners in your area will click on it when they search for any relevant veterinary keywords. AdWords, Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising service, may seem like the easy way to make this happen, but in reality you will end up paying a lot for little or no return on your investment. In short: AdWords is often a big mistake to increase rankings for your veterinary hospital's website.

For long-term search engine visibility and to get the quality traffic you need, investing in an SEO strategy that optimizes your site for organic search is the best way to go.

Veterinary AdWords: High Cost, No New Clients

One of the most compelling reasons to avoid AdWords is that most people don’t click on search engine ads. Studies show that users are overwhelmingly turned off by promoted products and prefer organic search results by a margin of 94% to 6%. Millennials, a huge and very important segment of your client base, ignore advertising and do their own research before buying a product or service. Veterinary AdWords campaigns are high cost and will likely yield no new clients.

If that isn't enough to convince you, consider the following:

  • AdWords is a pay-per-click service and pricing depends to a large extent on your competition. In many circumstances, you can end up paying a premium for the most popular veterinary keywords and keyword terms. Although you can set your own budget, you may need to set it high to achieve any significant visibility.
  • AdWords only works as long as you keep paying for it. When you stop, your website vanishes. If you find you’re paying more and more to appear on specific keyword listings, you’re stuck: either increase your budget, or disappear from search results.
  • AdWords is volatile. Competition, bidding wars, and position are subject to change constantly and there’s no guarantee your website will consistently appear in pet owners’ search results.
  • You’re at risk of click fraud. If competitors notice you’re using pay-per-click sponsored ads, they can easily blow your daily ad budget by clicking on your ad themselves. You pay the click price and get no return for your investment.

SEO is the Right Choice for your Veterinary Hospital Website

Quality White Hat SEO is the best method to successfully increase the rankings of your veterinary hospital website. For much less than the cost of AdWords, you will achieve top ranking and stay there, even throughout Google’s algorithm changes, tweaks and updates.

“Once an optimized website is acknowledged by Google, it can remain on Page 1 and in Google’s good graces for a long period of time,” said Lauren Frazer, VetNetwork’s SEO Specialist. “Google likes quality. Having an informative, engaging and user-friendly website, combined with quality White Hat SEO, will almost guarantee top rankings.”

In short, when pet owners see your veterinary hospital website ranks high in their organic search results, they are more likely to have confidence in your brand, click on your website, and stay there to learn about your practice. Your investment in SEO services will cost you much less than a veterinary AdWords or PPC campaign, secure your high ranking position for the long term and bring more pet owners through your door.

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Chris SinkYou Need to Invest in High-Quality SEO

Your veterinary practice may have the most beautiful website on the Internet - but if pet owners can’t find it, your painstakingly crafted web presence isn't doing your business any good. That's where search engine optimization comes in.

SEO is an ever-changing set of tools that helps ensure your website ranks high in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Search engines employ secret formulas to determine how web pages are ranked, and those formulas are constantly changing. For example, in April, Google unveiled a change to its mobile search algorithm that left large and small companies scrambling to ensure their businesses did not plummet out of search results altogether. When Google's next sudden search shift hits, will your website be ready?

Fair Pricing, Big Results

SEO is essential for any business with a web presence (which, these days, ought to be every business). Everyone from small, hyper-local businesses to Fortune 500 companies use (or should be using) SEO. In fact, according to a recent article in Forbes, large firms such as Dell typically spend over $10,000 per month on SEO.

For smaller companies, the price tag is substantially lower, but SEO itself is no less important. Companies large, small, and everywhere in between benefit from SEO practices. As veterinary practices are generally focused on a single geographical area, SEO can be affordable and quickly pay for itself in new business.

Working with dedicated SEO professionals ensures your website stays top-ranked no matter what. Ready to learn what an investment in search engine optimization can do to aid the growth of your veterinary practice? Contact VetNetwork today.

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