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June 2015

Google Declares You Must Have A Mobile Site | Pet Owners' Preference For Mobile Sites | Contact

veterinary marketing newsYou Must Have A Mobile Veterinary Website Now

Dear Colleague,

The migration toward mobile browsing is here, and it's no longer enough for your veterinary hospital to have a website that looks great on laptop and PC screens. Your existing and future clients are using their phones to look for you right now – and that means you need a website specifically designed for mobile devices.

This urgency was made even more explicit when, on April 21, Google introduced a mobile search algorithm change that gives ranking preference to websites that are specifically designed for mobile phones. There are a few ways a website can meet this criteria, but the important message is that if you don’t have a website specifically designed for mobile phones, your mobile search engine ranking will drop. If your ranking drops you off page one, you might as well be on page 100.

Now more than ever, you need a fast, convenient and reliable mobile solution.

VetNetwork has emerged as the leader in developing mobile websites for veterinary hospitals. We can design a mobile site for your practice that loads instantaneously, has a simple, easy to navigate layout, and offers numerous features that take into account the unique needs of mobile users. We're also the first company to utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for mobile veterinary websites to ensure your site ranks at the top of mobile search results.

Please take a few minutes to read the helpful information below, which discusses in more detail the trends in mobile search, Google’s most recent algorithm update and why a mobile website designed by VetNetwork is the best and most cost-effective choice for growing your veterinary practice.

For more information please sign up here and I will contact you, or reach out to me directly any time at (603) 743-4321.

Thank you.

Mark Feltz, DVM, Owner
VetNetwork, LLC

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veterinary marketing newsGoogle Will Lower Your Rankings If You Don't Have A Mobile Website

Research shows that most pet owners are searching for a local veterinary hospital with their mobile phones. This movement to mobile browsing has prompted Google to give ranking preference to mobile sites – and threatens to remove those veterinary hospitals that fail to act.

The bottom line? If your veterinary hospital lacks a mobile website, competitors that do will rank above you and your business may suffer.

What You Need to Do

You can’t attract new pet owners through your doors if they can’t find you on their phones. The simplest, most cost-effective way to ensure your website doesn’t disappear from mobile search results is to have a separate mobile site. Along with attracting new clients to your practice, a mobile website retains your branding, includes the most important content, and most importantly, saves you thousands of dollars compared to redesigning your site from scratch.

Mobile websites are:

  • Easy for visitors to use
  • Customized for mobile users seeking essential information about your veterinary hospital
  • Best for converting mobile visitors to clients
  • Linked to your full website
  • Inexpensive to create
  • Highly profitable for your practice

In short, your mobile website loads quickly, looks very professional, gives pet owners exactly what they need to know about your hospital, saves you money, and brings in new clients. To learn more about VetNetwork’s mobile website design services and how we can keep your website ranking high on mobile searches, please read on.

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Chris SinkPet Owners Prefer Full Website Plus Mobile Site Over Responsive Design

Picture this: a pet owner finds your veterinary hospital’s website through Google or another search engine. He or she clicks the link, and is taken to your well-designed and informative full veterinary hospital website. Only this pet owner can’t read the text or navigate through the pages to get the information he or she needs. Frustrated, the pet owner gives up on your veterinary practice and ends up with one of your competitors.

Why? Because this pet owner was searching for a local veterinary practice on their smartphone.

Few things are more frustrating to a mobile web user than a website not designed for his or her phone. To avoid users throwing up their hands and ignoring your website altogether, you need to make sure your website looks great and functions well on both desktop and smartphone platforms.

There two ways to achieve this functionality and visual appeal. One way is to have two separate web sites: one for desktop and laptop computers, and one designed specifically for smartphones.

The other way of doing this is to have a responsive-designed website. With responsive design, a full size website will scale down to a mobile-sized website automatically.

So which should you choose?

From our research, the majority of pet owners prefer a mobile-specific veterinary website on their phones. They want pertinent and abridged information displayed quickly on their small screens. Scaling down a large desktop-specific website is overwhelming to pet owners who simply need directions to your clinic, phone number, or want to book an appointment.

Mobile websites also have the advantage of being inexpensive to create. A mobile-specific website costs a fraction of developing a new responsive website from the ground up.

VetNetwork’s veterinary mobile websites allow you to reach every pet owner, no matter what mobile device he or she is using. For more information, please contact us today.

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veterinary marketing newsVetNetwork Services

VetNetwork is a full-service veterinary marketing company dedicated to the needs of veterinarians and veterinary hospitals. Our professional graphic designers, web programmers, SEO specialists and writers are here to help take your marketing to the next level. If it's time to re-design your website, add a mobile site or our proven SEO services, give us a call today!


Sincerely yours,

Mark Feltz, DVM and the Staff at VetNetwork
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