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November 2015

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veterinary marketing newsProtect Your Veterinary Hospital's Online Reputation

Dear Colleague,

As winter approaches and the year comes to a close, the entire team at VetNetwork is hard at work collecting the intelligence and developing the innovations veterinarians like you need to maintain your practice's growth far into the future. In this edition of our newsletter, we discuss a wide variety of topics guaranteed to ensure you have the strategies, tools, and understanding to reach new clients and expand your revenue.

The first article describes one of the most important methods for attracting new clients to your hospital: having a 5-star online veterinary reputation. New clients considering a visit to your practice are reading reviews of your hospital online, and to ensure they receive an accurate picture of the level of customer care and quality of services you provide, it's absolutely essential to have a spotless reputation. The article describes how investing in an online reputation management program will financially benefit your practice.

The Product Solutions section explores the importance of creating videos for your practice. Research finds that pet owners are watching videos on YouTube every day. If you want to connect with them through social media channels and video-based marketing, now is the time to create your own informative, entertaining clips. Read this article for a variety of cost-effective, easy-to-operate products you can buy for your practice.

The last article delves into several examples of the topics your current and prospective clients are reading right now. With an understanding of the topics your clients are interested in, you can target your marketing efforts to help pet owners understand how you can answer their questions and provide the services they need.

Our goal is to provide veterinarians like you with valuable information to help you connect with pet owners and grow your practice. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me directly at (603) 743-4321.

Thank you.


Mark Feltz, DVM, Owner
VetNetwork, LLC

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Chris SinkVeterinary Reputation Management: Take Control Of The Conversation

Your clients are offering you feedback all the time, even if it isn't direct. They're not just talking to family and friends about your veterinary hospital - they're sharing their experiences with you on websites like Yelp, Facebook, Angie's List, Trip Advisor, Google and more. You need to take control of your online reputation with a good, comprehensive online reputation management program.

Online reviews can have an enormous impact on whether or not perspective clients choose your hospital. According to a study from the Harvard Business School, a one-star increase in a Yelp rating often leads to a five to nine percent increase in revenue. Similarly, an overall negative rating on review sites can turn potential clients off and keep them away.

According to a survey from Marketing Land, 90% of consumers indicate buying decisions are influenced by online reviews, and 86% of those consumers say negative reviews have an influence on where they spend their money. That means reputation management is an essential component for your practice at the end of 2015 and beyond.

Keeping an eye on your Facebook, Google and Yelp reviews can grant you valuable insight into what pet owners think of your practice and your employees. Doing so also gives you a chance to clarify any misunderstandings in a negative review, but only if it is done properly. See our tips on how to respond to negative veterinary reviews. A knowledgeable reputation management professional can mitigate the impact of negative reviews even when they cannot be removed.

Monitoring online reviews of your practice can be time consuming and complicated. Knowing where to regularly look and keeping up with comments is an ongoing commitment.

VetNetwork can offer you a custom and very affordable reputation management service for your veterinary hospitals that will not only keep you aware of your veterinary hospital's online reputation, but protect and defend it as well. Our reputation management team helps you take control of the conversation.

By monitoring popular review websites for mentions of your veterinary practice, we keep you informed of what your clients are saying. We mitigate the impact of negative reviews and show you how to solicit positive reviews, without violating the terms of service on review websites. Click here to get more helpful tips on taking control of your veterinary online reputation. Contact us for more information today!

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veterinary marketing newsProduct Solutions

Lights, Camera, Action!
Video Capability for Your Veterinary Hospital

YouTube is incredibly popular with pet owners. In today's fast-paced world, moving images provide them with an instant representation of a veterinary hospital, its staff, and the cutting-edge medical treatments it offers. To attract new clients and keep existing ones invested in your practice, posting periodic videos on your website, social media accounts, or as part of your email newsletter makes sense.

Nolan River Animal Hospital recently went viral with its "All About That Spay" parody music video to promote their spay and neuter services - but not all videos need to be professionally filmed and edited. Short clips of pet patients, staff interviews, or events at your hospital will do the trick and earn your site more clicks! For little cost, you will be able to connect with your client base, build loyalty, and gain a valuable competitive edge.

The one thing you need to get started: a smartphone, camcorder, or camera capable of recording video. Smartphones are the most convenient, user-friendly option. With apps capable of editing your clips into miniature productions, smartphones also afford you the luxury of uploading your finished piece directly to YouTube or other video hosting sites via Wi-Fi. If you don't have a smartphone and want a dedicated hospital camcorder, buying guides via Consumer Reports or www.cnet.com can provide side-by-side comparisons and help you find the best deals.

FACT: 78% of people watch videos online every week and 55% of people watch videos online every day, according to a 2014 study. By 2018, it is anticipated that 79% of the time consumers are online will be spent watching videos!

Here are a few options when it comes to recording video:  


  • If you already have a quality digital camera or are thinking of getting one, models like Canon's Rebel T5i are a great multi-purpose option that can shoot photo and video. Unlike basic digital cameras, DSLRs offer more creative control and are better in low light. Cons include being awkward to handhold, limited recording time, and not having the best sound quality. At 18 megapixels, they cost around $650 and up. This may seem a bit pricey just to make short video clips for your YouTube, but it can be your personal camera and a business marketing tool.

The Consumer Camcorder

  • Models like Sony's Handycam Flash Memory Camcorder (PJ440) offer the familiarity of a traditional camcorder, complete with a fold out viewfinder. Ranging in price from $200 up to $1,200 or more, there are many options depending on what you want to spend. The Handycam can capture still images as well as video, features image stabilization, and the best part - built-in Wi-Fi! Consumers have rated this model at 4.4 stars out of 5 on BestBuy.com.

The GoPro

  • These little cameras have become incredibly popular for catching action shots. They can be mounted to bikes, cars, helmets, your body, or even animals. If you have a creative flair and want to offer a variety of points-of-view in your videos, the GoPro is a great option. Since it is designed to be mounted on a moving object, the camera is tough. If you enjoy the use of viewfinders, however, the GoPro lacks one. Models range from $130 to $500, with a variety of accessories and mounts that can be purchased separately. 

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What Your Clients Are Reading

Pet owners once had to subscribe to magazines to get their monthly dose of pet-related news. Now Cat Fancy and Dog Fancy maintain websites constantly buzzing with free stories on pet health and the adorable situations their owners seem to get them into. Here is an assortment of fun and informative pieces from catchannel.com and dogchannel.com:

Cat Articles Your Clients are Reading

4 Tips to Fight Hairballs - The never-ending fight against feline hairballs continues. This brief article provides four tips to "fend off furry hacking." The second piece of advice suggests cat owners try an oral hairball supplement. 

Study Reveals One Key to Cat Health is Cuddling - The study didn't state that exactly. It did find that a cat's contentment stimulates the production of an antibody that fights upper respiratory disorders. "We have learned that the domestic cat is very responsive to good treatment by humans," said Clive J.C. Phillips, a University of Queensland professor of animal welfare.

The Illustration Every Cat Parent Must Have Displayed in Their Home - Los Angeles artist and animator Lili Chin has created a poster that decodes feline body language - or at least attempts to. Although inarguably cute, the handy reference serves to explain the mysterious looks and actions many non-cat people have trouble reading.

Food Recall: Halo's Purely for Pets "Sensitive Cat Turkey Dry Food" was recalled due to reports of mold. Products stamped "Best By 09/04/2016" should be discarded. No other Halo products were affected.

Dog Articles Your Clients are Reading

Coconut Oil for Dogs - People are slathering coconut oil on everything from their skin, teeth, and food, claiming it is the end-all-be-all when it comes to achieving optimum health. But is it beneficial for Fido? According to Dr. David A. Gordon of Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital in Poway, CA, it may lead to increased weight and soft stools if overused. The article recommends pet owners consult their veterinarians to find out the ideal amount to add to their dog's food.

Getting Health Insurance for Your Dog - With Nationwide launching an all-inclusive pet insurance plan in late October, this article examines what pet owners should consider when shopping for coverage. Plans mentioned range in price from $16 - $50 per month, with deductibles ranging from $100 - $500.

Urban Coyotes and Dog Walking - Wisconsin has been in the news throughout September and October due to sometimes fatal coyote attacks on domestic dogs in their own backyards. This article provides tips on what pet owners should do if a walk results in a face-to-face encounter with this canid. The first piece of advice: do not run away with your arms flailing. Stand your ground. 

Food Recall: Good 'N' Fun Beefhide Chicken Strips, made by Salix Animal Health, LLC, were recalled due to the possibility those marked with expiration dates ranging from 02/2018 to 07/2018 may be contaminated with salmonella.

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