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New All-Inclusive Pricing from VetNetwork
Introducing VetNetwork’s All-Inclusive Pricing
It’s not uncommon for veterinary hospitals to mention issues they have keeping their website up-to-date. It costs time and energy, staff members leave, new veterinarians join, and there are new forms and new services that you need to share with both new and existing clients. With so much going on, it may be difficult to budget your marketing expenses while budgeting your time.

At VetNetwork, we recognize that websites are updated frequently and that marketing budgets vary depending on the hospital. We’ve heard your concerns, and have decided to move away from our old update price points towards brand new, All-Inclusive Pricing.

With this upgraded model, your veterinary hospital will have free access to nearly all update services, including:
  • Veterinarian and staff profiles. We will update photos and texts for all existing hospital members at no charge. This also means creating fresh, creative profiles for new hires while removing profiles for past employees.
  • New veterinary medical services. Has your veterinary hospital bought a new piece of diagnostic equipment? Have you expanded your client services or added a veterinarian with new, unique skills? We will work with you create the accurate, compelling web content to attract pet owners in your area.
  • Hospital forms replacement. Over time, your veterinary hospital will change policies. Those changes are most commonly reflected in forms, including new patient forms, hospitalization forms, boarding forms and more. With VetNetwork’s new All-Inclusive Model, we will update your forms free of cost.
If your veterinary hospital requests an update that requires more technical or graphic work, the marketing team will discuss this update with you and work together to find a price point that fits your marketing budget.

At VetNetwork, we’re excited to build websites that bring new pets to your hospital. With All-Inclusive Pricing, you can now keep your website current and make sure that it stands out to pet owners in your area. To get started updating your veterinary hospital website, email us at or call (603) 743-4321 today!
P.S. – As a way of saying thank you to our loyal customers, we've partnered with a credit card processing service that is absolutely free and, in many cases, saves clients $2-3K per year through reduced processing fees. If this is something you’d like to learn more about, let us know and we will contact you with more information.
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