Veterinary Hospital Logos – An Integral Part of your Hospital’s Brand

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Your vet logo is one of the most valuable tools in your marketing toolbox for your veterinary practice. A well-designed veterinary hospital logo memorably conveys your identity and builds name recognition. When potential clients see your veterinary clinic logo, they’ll be reminded not just of your practice, but the services you offer and the care you provide. If you don’t have a logo for your veterinary practice, you need to get one. See veterinary logo designs here.

Everything representing your veterinary hospital needs to display your unique veterinary hospital logo – forms, brochures, business cards, stationary, website, signage and even items for the press. Your veterinary logo reaches everyone who has any contact with your hospital and is the first impression that they have of you.

A good veterinary hospital logo leaves a lasting impression on people and helps reinforce your other marketing efforts. Because of this, your logo needs to be dynamic, clear and leave a favorable impression.

Some of the most important rules to follow when designing your vet logo include:

Avoid too much detail – KEEP YOUR VETERINARY HOSPITAL LOGO SIMPLE. The most important thing to remember about creating a logo is that it needs to be simple and designed in just one or two colors. Logos that are too complicated confuse viewers, because too many colors and details make them difficult to remember. Don’t confuse simple and simplistic though. For instance, when a person visits an art gallery, often the simplest paintings are the ones that are remembered clearly and for the longest amount of time. Similarly, think about the iconic logos that come easily to mind: Nike’s swish, McDonalds’ golden arches, Apple Computers’ apple.

Your vet hospital logo needs to be unique. Don’t try to copy someone else’s logo. After you develop your brand (need help developing your veterinary brand?), then think about creating your veterinarian logo. In fact, you should not begin developing any of your veterinary marketing items without considering your identity or brand. Once you have established why you are unique, incorporate this into your veterinary logo. Don’t try to incorporate too many qualities into your logo. It needs to be unique without being crowded and overdrawn.  One or 2 qualities is enough – Choose just one or two qualities that you think are appropriate for your brand – friendly, compassionate, reasonably priced, exceptional service, communicative, advanced medicine. If you choose too many, none are going to be remembered.

Your veterinarian logo needs to work well at all sizes. It needs look good when it’s small – on a business card, medium size – on a brochure or website, and large – on a billboard and on a sign.

Your vet logo needs to communicate the same message in black and white as it does in color. After you have decided on a vet hospital logo design, then think about adding color. If it doesn’t look good in black and white, it is not going to look good in color.

Your veterinarian logo should be designed in Adobe Illustrator. Once the logo is completed and approved, you need to receive a digital copy of it as an EPS file. Designs created in Adobe Illustrator are “vector” images and are saved as EPS files. Vector images can be re-sized without distortion or loss of quality (resolution). In other words, your veterinarian logo designed as a vector image and saved as an EPS file can be enlarged to hang from a banner on the side of the Empire State Building and look just as good as if it were printed on your stationary. This is very important as you never know where your vet logo might end up.

After you begin using your veterinarian logo and it becomes a part of your hospital, never re-draw, alter it or change its essence! If you want to reduce and enlarge it, that’s fine. Don’t change your vet logo just because you are getting bored or tired of it. Usually when that happens, it’s just starting to make an impression on everyone else.

The creative team at VetNetwork designs reasonably priced logos for all veterinary hospitals. For more information about our vet logo development process, please visit our website.

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2 Comments for Veterinary Hospital Logos – An Integral Part of your Hospital’s Brand

Karly | April 7, 2009 at 9:24 am

I couldn’t agree more about keeping a logo simple. I have a friend who is a graphic designer and she is always talking about how clients don’t seem to get it…”they always want to add more meaningless stuff because they think more is more—but truly less is more when it comes to a logo.” LOL I will have to forward her this post!

Ben | December 7, 2009 at 11:07 am

I am not sure just how critical the logo is. I mean, as long as it is not bad, how much does it really do? I think that people put a little too much into the entire logo discussion. It can’t stink, but stressing over it and making it perfect just distracts from all the other critical marketing activities that need to get done.

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