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January, 2015

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As a busy veterinary practice owner with a demanding schedule, you need to know how to take advantage of veterinary marketing industry trends before they allow your competitors to get ahead. Reacting quickly to emerging opportunities can make the difference between gaining new clients and falling dangerously behind. Read on for exclusive discussion of news affecting veterinary practices right now, and visit VetNetwork's website today for more veterinary marketing tools and resources to help your practice move forward and continue to grow.

—The Creative Team at VetNetwork

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veterinary newsBig Box Pet Stores Are Adding Veterinary Care: Here's How Your Veterinary Hospital Can Win

Just as WalMart tries to lure consumers by offering everything from auto repairs to manicures, big box pet retailers like PetSmart and PETCO are seeking to become the one-stop-shop for pet owners by adding veterinary services to their retail stores. And just as WalMart is able to sell its merchandise at low prices due to its immense purchasing power, so too can PetSmart and PETCO. The two chains, especially PetSmart, have had banner years in 2014, with PetSmart selling to private equity firm BC Partners for $8.7 billion in December. That kind of money means many of PetSmart's in-store veterinary clinics can offer vaccinations at steep discounts. This threatens to take a large bite out of profits for independent veterinary clinics, many of whom depend on regular vaccinations to boost their bottom line.

PETCO and PetSmart may not have spelled the end of independent pet stores, but they're making an impact – PetSmart alone now holds a 41.9% share of the pet supply market share, according to a study from IBIS World. Could the same thing happen with veterinary clinics?

Banfield Making Inroads into PetSmart Stores

While some pet owners are lured away from their veterinarian by the promise of savings, many have found the old adage rings true: you get what you pay for. The Consumer Affairs listing for Banfield Pet Hospital, which operates the veterinary clinics in PetSmart stores, contains hundreds of negative reviews from pet owners. Complaints range from difficulties with the company's pet health insurance to poorly performed routine procedures resulting in further complications. While the complaints are not evaluated for accuracy, the overall tone is clear: veterinary services at big box retailers often lack the personal touch of local, independent veterinary hospitals. Though many of the reviews are negative, BC Partners will most likely infuse capital into improving PetSmart's veterinary care.

Now is the Time to be Proactive

Your veterinary hospital may not be able to compete with PetSmart's prices, but by focusing on the personal touch at your clinic you can remain competitive in an increasingly difficult environment. With a smart veterinary marketing plan emphasizing the personal care you and your staff provide, your practice can continue to grow. VetNetwork's veterinary hospital marketing experts can help you make the personal connection that pet owners demand for their cherished companions. Give us a call at (800) 564-4215 today to find out more.

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veterinary seoHow to Build a Veterinary Hospital Website that Ranks High on Google

Getting your veterinary practice's website to show up high on page one of Google searches has a lot to do with how your veterinary hospital website is designed and built. Stuffing your website full of keywords and meta tags isn't enough, and can sometimes do more harm than good. In fact, these procedures can land your website in Google Jail. You know you're imprisoned in Google Jail when your veterinary hospital's website rankings plummet, traffic to your site all but ceases and your competitors' rankings grow stronger than ever. So how can you achieve the high veterinary search engine rankings you need, avoid Google Jail and stay ahead of your competitors? Here are some tips for building a veterinary hospital website that will land your practice where it needs to be: on page one.

  • Custom made sites with original content generally fare better in Google search results, because Google's algorithm favors original content over cookie cutter text. Using a ready-made veterinary website template may save you money in the short run, but it can keep you off page one of Google search results. In the long run, this costs you money as a result of the clients you lose.

  • Create your veterinary website content for your clients, not for Google or the search engines. Publish useful, relevant content and build spam-free and user-friendly links. Concentrate on that which makes your hospital unique – your highly qualified staff members, evening appointments, at-home visits, hospice and final care, boarding and grooming, and nutrition counseling. Write about your personalized services and make your site reflective of these elements both technically and in content.

  • Use a variety of keyword phrases in appropriate locations. Simply listing keyword terms without context is generally frowned upon and can drastically lower your rankings and even result in the removal of your website from Google's list of results.

  • Always keep up-to-date on search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Google can change its rules at any time, burying your page under results for competitors.

  • Utilize traffic-analysis tools to employ veterinary SEO on pages that generate the most traffic. This is often more effective than applying SEO tools to an entire website. Google favors the most visited areas of your site, so concentrate your efforts on the pages that attract the most visitors.

  • Consider hiring an outside company specializing in driving web traffic to businesses in your industry. VetNetwork offers very affordable veterinary SEO packages for veterinary practices of all sizes, and our SEO experts' exclusive focus on veterinary hospital marketing means you receive the most value possible for your advertising dollar.

For more information about a veterinary hospital SEO plan that works best for your hospital's website and budget, call us at 603-502-7432 or visit our veterinary hospital SEO packages page. Our veterinary marketing experts are ready to build you a website that achieves higher search rankings than your competitors. You already know you're number one – now let VetNetwork help you ensure pet owners in your area get the message. Also, check out our veterinary SEO FAQs section for answers to common questions. Call VetNetwork today!

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