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Dear friends and colleagues,
We’re nearly halfway through 2017! Throughout this year, VetNetwork has strived to provide veterinary hospitals such as yours with marketing strategies that meet the current needs of pet owners in their area. If your veterinary hospital hasn’t made marketing a top priority this year, do not fret. There’s still plenty of time left to rev up your advertising and bring in new clients!

In our May Newsletter, we discuss how to make social media work for your veterinary hospital. We also look at the increase in pet spending trends and how to integrate veterinary hospital client reviews into your marketing strategy. At the bottom, we share a few useful links that your veterinary hospital can use as part of your marketing plan or to share with your valued clients.

From the VetNetwork Team
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The Best of Our Blog

Cut Through The Noise: Make Social Media Work For Your Veterinary Hospital

When using social media to help market your veterinary practice, you want to do more than talk at your veterinary hospital’s clients.
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Pet Owners Keep Spending More Money – But Not on Veterinary Care

Pet spending continues to be on the rise, topping out at over $60 billion in 2015. But the increase – up from $58 billion in 2014 – doesn’t come from veterinary care.
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Integrating Veterinary Client Reviews and Ratings Into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Integrate your veterinary client reviews into your social media marketing strategy.
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News and Links
We’d like to share some great news, articles, and links that we think are of great value to you and your practice. Enjoy!
Pet Health Holidays for the Month of May
10 Tips for Holiday Pet Care
Social Strategies for Time-Strapped Marketers
Custom Blogs from VetNetwork
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