Email Newsletters

Benefits of an Email Newsletter

Adding an email newsletter to your veterinary hospital's marketing plan can help drive traffic to your website, attract new customers, and increase loyalty among your existing clients. Email newsletters are one of the best ways to communicate with veterinary clients as they build relationships, loyalty and trust. They are also the most cost-effective way to communicate your latest news to pet owners, community members and prospective clients.

There are several other benefits associated with sending a regular email newsletter. By communicating regularly with your clients and sharing useful information with them, you build a bond of trust. Your email newsletter acts as an ideal medium for providing your readers with relevant information, and letting them know about the latest improvements in veterinary medicine and at your hospital.

Keeping in Touch with your Clients

How does an email newsletter work? Something like this - by sending your clients and prospective clients a regular email newsletter, you keep your practice and your hospital services fresh in their minds. So, the next time they need any kind of veterinary service, they think of you first. In fact, as they continue to receive your hospital's email newsletter, they think of you as the only hospital for veterinary services.

When pet owners were asked to describe the benefits of email newsletters, three stood out:

  • Informative: Email newsletters keep pet owners up-to-date with the latest trends in veterinary medicine and services that your hospital offers.
  • Convenient: The pet owner has interesting and informative information delivered right to his / her Inbox on a regular basis.
  • Timely: A newsletter from the veterinarian offers current medical information and timely advice.

Call VetNetwork to Get Started

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