Mobile Websites for Veterinarians

Why a Veterinary Mobile Website?

mobile websites for veterinarians

Turn Online Visitors into Clients

Your traditional website was designed to be viewed on a full-sized laptop or desktop screen, not a handheld mobile device. On such a small screen, your well-designed, user-friendly veterinary hospital site can appear confusing and disorganized and take too long to load, two deadly features that will drive pet owners to look elsewhere for veterinary services.

Mobile veterinary websites derive their content from your full site. They are designed to capture the most important pieces of information, including your location and phone number, your veterinary hospital’s brand identity, your pet care philosophy and basic services, brief veterinarian biographies, and the option to view your full website. Your mobile website loads quickly and gives pet owners seeking fast, reliable information about your hospital exactly what they need.

If you don't have a mobile-friendly veterinary site, you are handing your competitor a significant (and very profitable) advantage.

Provide a Constant Connection

VetNetwork designs and builds fast-loading and effective veterinary hospital mobile websites so you can keep in touch with pet owners 24 hours-a-day. With more people using mobile phones to search the internet, this is a market you and your veterinary hospital simply can't afford to ignore.

Your Veterinary Hospital's Mobile Website

  • Efficiently Loading Homepage: Your homepage clearly displays your logo, address, click-to-call phone number, social media links, and an easy-to-use navigation bar.
  • About Us: This page has unique information about your hospital and why pet owners should come to you for veterinary care. We create a great first impression for your visitors.
  • Location: Providing mobile phone users with directions is essential. Therefore, your mobile site includes an easy-to-read Google map that directs your visitors to your veterinary hospital.
  • Services: Bulleted descriptions of your services are included on this page. Visitors want this to be concise, brief and beneficial.
  • Veterinarians: Visitors want to know you before bringing their pets to your hospital. Photos of veterinarians and bulleted biographical information is included.
  • Contact Us: Your mobile visitors and clients are able to call or email your hospital from this page.
  • Emergencies: 24-hour emergency information is available to your visitors with one simple click.
  • Additional pages are available including:
        Your Blog - complete, user friendly, and easy to read
        Appointment Calendar
        Online Pharmacy Refill Form
  • All pages on your mobile website include links to your social media pages and internet pharmacy website that you use.

If you want the right mobile website for your veterinary hospital, call us at 800-564-4215 or contact us online now. We can have your mobile website live in just a few days.

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