Social Media: Facebook

Veterinary Facebook Marketing Solutions: The Future is Social

Facebook isn't just a way to connect with long-lost friends—it's a powerful, inexpensive social media marketing tool for marketing your veterinary hospital. With a Facebook business page setup for your practice, your veterinary hospital can directly interact with clients and potential clients and spread the word about the quality pet care and services that your veterinary hospital offers.

Your Veterinary Hospital's Facebook Business Page: Connect in a Unique Way with Your Clients

Once VetNetwork has setup your Veterinary Hospital's Facebook business page, it is extremely easy for you to update and maintain. Beyond gaining new clients, your veterinary hospital's Facebook business page allows you to connect in a unique way with clients, pet owners and other members in your local community.

The busy nature of your veterinary hospital often makes it difficult for you and your hospital staff to do more than exchange pleasantries with clients during a scheduled examination. Through your hospital's online Facebook business page, you can share notes about upcoming veterinary hospital events, post photos of your clients and their pets, add photos of hospital staff members and veterinarians interacting with pets, start discussions about animal health care topics, and share inspiring pet-related stories. Since most of your younger clients are already very active on Facebook, and many older clients are now joining the site, your veterinary hospital's Facebook page is the place that visitors can turn to when they want to learn more about your veterinary practice and you.

Facebook Business Marketing for Your Veterinary Hospital

Facebook is growing rapidly and attracting more and more users every day. Presently, it is the second most visited website on the internet.

Maintaining a Facebook business page for your veterinary hospital is just one of the many ways you can use the internet to market your veterinary practice and strengthen your relationships with clients and local pet owners.

Call VetNetwork and let us create your Veterinary Hospital's Facebook business page within 24 hours. Learn about more veterinary social media platforms for your hospital.