Veterinary Blogging

Why Your Veterinary Company Needs A Blog

A well-written, informative blog will raise your website's rankings and increase your online status.

If you don't have a blog, your business is in the minority...

Blogging connects you to your clients and the community in a way that regular veterinary visits cannot. When people bring their pets in for exams, the focus, of course (!) is on the pet. But when you blog, in an informal, relaxed, yet highly relevant way, clients feel a new connection.

A well-written, carefully executed, succinct and regular blog, will bring traffic to your website, secure connections with clients, build new connections with the community, and ultimately raise revenue.

Ken Makovsky of Forbes Magazine confirms that business blogging adds elements of humanization, visibility, and credibility; additionally, it establishes industry expertise, addresses important issues, promotes policies and products, and generates leads and business.

What Is The Correct Length For a Veterinary Marketing Blog?

Yes, everyone wants to share knowledge and opinions, but the key to any successful blog is brevity. That’s simply an established and accepted fact. Information is now absorbed in sound-bites. Even those of us who grew up in a more analog age have adapted to the new forms. You need to make your postings brief and to the point. What do pet owners most need to know? What issues or topics are relevant to their curiosity or needs? And what can you, the veterinarian share that will be most interesting and relevant to the pet owners?

Neil Patel, the marketing guru from SEOmoz emphasizes that the trick is keep it short. Simple words and short sentences will keep your readers’ attention and interest. No one wants to read a dissertation on the latest laparoscopy technique. Blog writers must identify timely topics, and include only the most relevant information.

Who Should Write These Pet Related Blogs?

Carol Tice, writing in, gives her number one reason as to why companies should not start a blog: “No one has time. Be honest with yourself about whether you could spare at least two or three hours a week to write.” Her point is that starting a blog, and then letting it simply fade away, will do your veterinary hospital more harm than good.

Let Vetnetwork’s professional writing team get blogging! VetNetwork's professional writing team adds interesting and timely articles, hospital news, hospital events, local pet advice and pet stories at regular intervals to your blog. We will also include regular "Breaking News" stories (Rabies, West Nile Virus, Lepto, etc) whenever appropriate.

By having VetNetwork maintain your veterinary hospital's blog, it will be up-to-date and entertaining. Pet owners will return regularly for news and information. A well-written, informative blog will raise your website's Google rankings and increase your online status. Interested pet owners will use you for veterinary services.

A Diligent Online Presence For Veterinarians

Blogging can bring your veterinary hospital instant perks such as an Internet search engine lift and a reputation that is current and professional.

It is salient to be diligent about your online presence. A good veterinarian blog makes a big difference. Don’t miss out. In conclusion, blogging is an especially easy and an important way to build your credibility and relationship with the pet owning community. It can also provide a space for customer feedback, as well as attract new clients to your website. If your name or hospital appears in various blogs, this will instantly increase your veterinary hospital’s web presence, and ultimately provide more free advertising. As a veterinarian, you have a tremendous amount of credibility in your community, and blog topics are limitless.