Direct Mail Marketing

Your Veterinary Practice Needs Direct Mail

Fact: Despite the infinite power of technology, direct mail is still the best return on investment for ad dollars spent.

A stellar, colorful and attractive direct mail piece – be it a postcard, flyer, or brochure – is an excellent way to reach clients. And when strategically designed... it trumps email!

Profit, Profit, Profit

Are direct mailings part of your veterinary marketing plan? Well, they certainly should be! A high quality mailer means additional profits. It's a practical, effective marketing tool that costs little and collects big. And because you know how many mailers you have sent out (and who has received them), you can easily analyze effectiveness.

Obviously, direct mailings should not replace electronic connections (blogs, newsletters, emails); but when you combine the two, you create the best of both worlds. The key, of course, is fresh careful content, impressive design, compelling images – and the good sense to deliver the right message at the right time. That's where Vetnetwork comes in.

We know just how critical it is to get your message across quickly and in the best possible way. Just as you zoom past a billboard on the highway – absorbing only what truly stands out – your marketing material must pack that instant punch. You have just a few seconds to make a real connection, and the creative team at Vetnetwork is on it. We look forward to creating direct mail messages for your clients – both existing and prospective – messages that clearly convey your topnotch service.