Veterinary Marketing Specialists

veterinary website servicesMark Feltz, DVM, Senior Consultant

Founder and owner of VetNetwork, Dr. Mark Feltz was a mixed-animal veterinarian for over 20 years before deciding to give up late-night cow caesarians, equine foalings and canine porcupine quill removals in order to fill a void he saw within the industry: digital and print marketing services exclusively for veterinary hospitals and related pet industries. Along with his graduate degree in marketing, Dr. Feltz is appreciated around the office for his ballroom dancing skills and record-setting daily coffee consumption. ("Never heard of Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts," he said with caffeine-fueled certainty.)

An animal lover who has had every possible kind of pet, Dr. Feltz would least like to work on an oil rig or submarine because the job would be too lonely.

Dr. Feltz lives in Dover, New Hampshire and has a daughter, Monica, who is a lawyer in New York City. This may partly explain why, if he were an animal, he'd be a werewolf: "It would be excellent for riding the NYC subways at night."

Veterinary client servicesPaul Perry, Director of Services

Paul joined VetNetwork as Director of Services in March of 2016. He brings an optimistic creativity as part of the design team and a flare for organization and efficiency as the team’s production manager. He says, “I’m doing what I love to do—make things beautiful, effective, and efficient.”

Originally from Western New York, Paul grew up on his family’s dairy farm where he raised pigs to help fund his college education and did all the field work he could to avoid milking cows. Ask him why and he’ll tell you something about being hit in the face too many times with dirty tails.

Paul lives in Dover, New Hampshire with his wife Jane, their three school-aged children Heather, Eythan, and Tanner, and two rescue pets—Lucy, an energetic Chocolate Lab/Springer Spaniel mix and a rather sophisticated Russian Blue tomcat named Graystripe. When he’s not creating or organizing, Paul enjoys the calm of gardening, reading to his boys, watching movies with Jane and Heather, designing on his iMac, and dreaming about taking his family to Hawaii.

Veterinary Web servicesScott Heron, Graphic Designer & Web Developer

Scott joined the VetNetwork team in July 2015, bringing his creative eye and Zen-like calm to the office. Along with being our graphic designer and web developer, he has the distinction of having owned the most interesting selection of pets — including a Patagonian cavy, which looks like a combination of a rabbit and a kangaroo. He's also the one team member who completely abstains from coffee. (How does he do it???)

Outside work, Scott pursues his interests with the same devotion and passion he brings to his professional life. "I'm a musician and songwriter and dabble in all sorts of strings including guitar, banjo, and mandolin," he says. "I'm also an avid birder and can identify nearly 400 species of bird, including the Cliff Swallows that nest under the eaves of our office building."

Scott loves being in New Hampshire. "There are so many places to go and see, from the beaches and the rocky coastline to the White Mountains and the seemingly endless number of marshes, lakes, rivers, and ponds that span across the landscape," he says.

veterinary seo specialistLauren Frazer, SEO Specialist

Lauren is VetNetwork's SEO Specialist and resident diehard Starbucks patron, although she's been known to force down a Dunkin' Donuts latte when geographic proximity necessitates. Other than coffee consumption, her responsibilities include Internet marketing campaigns and online reputation management services. She brings her sense of humor, effervescence, love of animals, and saintly patience to work every day.

If Lauren were an animal, she'd be a cat: “You sleep all day, eat all day, and have license to be annoyed all the time—what's not to love?” she asks.

Lauren has a bachelor's degree from the University of New Hampshire and is good friends with her mother. (Her mother's condo located on New Hampshire's precious 18-mile long seacoast may be a factor in their bond.) She lives in Raymond, NH with her husband, Patrick, their daughter Lily, and Lily's imaginary dog, Charlie.

Veterinary Web servicesTed Darling, Web Designer & Developer

Ted has been creating websites since the days of Netscape Navigator. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, as well as degrees in graphic design and art history, he brings a keen eye and a classically refined design sensibility. Although not on the same level as some of the coffee connoisseurs in the office, Ted has been known to down a morning joe, but more often you’ll find him sipping a Red Bull in the waning hours of the afternoon to keep the creative juices flowing (and the caffeine levels topped off).

When Ted isn’t attempting to make the internet a more beautiful place, he can often be found racing up mountains. Whether on foot, two wheels, or skis, he loves heading to the summit as fast as possible, and generally back down again with a bit of reckless abandon. “There is a freedom and clarity in the mountains and amongst the trees that you can’t find anywhere else,” Ted says.

When the glycogen levels have been depleted, Ted enjoys chilling out with his wife Erin and their two sons Gus and Mac, playing disc golf any time it’s warm enough, or alpine skiing when the snow begins to fly. Ted and his family share their residence with a blue feline boy named Wally.

Veterinary WritingJesse Duthrie, Writer, Researcher
& Social Media Coordinator

Jesse spends most of his time developing content for websites, writing timely articles about the veterinary field, and adding a special creative touch to copy. He also researches marketing strategies as well as researches new stories in the animal care field.

When not typing at his desk, Jesse tries to spend most of his free time outdoors. He is an avid snowboarder, hiker, soccer and basketball player. When he was 18-years-old, he backpacked Europe on his own, traveling through 10 countries in less than three months. On a rainy day, you can find him either reading a book, watching a documentary, or working on his creative writing.

Originally from Niantic, Connecticut, Jesse moved to New Hampshire in 2014 to attend graduate school at the University of New Hampshire. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Central Connecticut State University. Back in Connecticut, his mother has a black dog named Jake, who Jesse realizes is pushing him out of the “favorite son” position.

veterinary marketing strategySally McCaffrey, Account Executive

Sally joins VetNetwork as an account executive with over fifteen years of sales and management experience. In her current role, she develops and maintains successful client business relationships.

She received a Bachelor's of Science degree from Northeastern University in 1993 and tended bar for the next nine years. Not only is she bright but her talent in mixology sure does come in handy around the office.

A native of Woburn, MA, Sally now lives in York, Maine with her husband Digger and their fur babies, Lucy and Bailey. Outside of work, Sally enjoys relaxing on the beach, playing golf and spending time with family and friends, both of the human and furry variety.

She proudly worked on a golf committee for 10 years to raise money for cancer and believes it was one of her greatest accomplishments.

Sally sees the good in people and makes friends easily. She believes that it does pay to be nice, and you do get more with honey. And lastly, she believes in the writings of E.E. Cummings: "The most wasted of all days is one without laughter."