Why Your Veterinary Hospital Needs SEO

Why Does Your Veterinary Practice Need To Be Concerned With SEO? 

Blogging connects you to your clients and the community in a way that regular veterinary visits cannot. When people bring their pets in for exams, the focus, of course (!) is on the pet. But when you blog, in an informal, relaxed, yet highly relevant way, clients feel a new connection.

A well-written, carefully executed, succinct and regular blog, will bring traffic to your website, secure connections with clients, build new connections with the community, and ultimately raise revenue.

Ken Makovsky of Forbes Magazine confirms that business blogging adds elements of humanization, visibility, and credibility; additionally, it establishes industry expertise, addresses important issues, promotes policies and products, and generates leads and business.

Overly Aggressive SEO Tactics Can Land You in Google Jail

How do you know when you are in Google jail?

When your veterinary hospital’s website rankings plummet, traffic to your site all but ceases, and your competitors’ rankings grow stronger than ever.

In the land of SEO and keyword stuffing, you need to know what you are doing in order to achieve the strongest results and avoid possible Google penalties. Google penalties have long-term negative ramifications for your hospital’s rankings and online marketing. Think about it: You don’t fill your hospital with temporary employees, old-fashioned equipment or print thousands of flyers claiming you are the best veterinary clinic in town. You provide pet owners with professional, state of the art care; and your reputation is part of what makes you successful. So, filling your hospital’s website or blog with purchased or stolen filler articles and relying on bad SEO (or guesswork) is not only unprofessional but can land you in Google Jail. Bad news!

Stay out of Google Jail! It’s easy to do:

VetNetwork Is Your Veterinary SEO Professional

Take the time to hire a true SEO professional – Vetnetwork understands the value of veterinary search engine marketing and can derive top rankings without lowering your hospital’s standards. A company or individual well-versed with an excellent track record will bring you a long-term friendship with Google. Don’t hire the quick techno teen who wants to make a few extra dollars over vacation. Hiring a real professional will help you avoid Google jail and in turn, large expenses in damage... and most important of all – it will ensure that pet owners stay updated on your services, philosophies, and realize that YOU are the veterinary hospital to connect with.

Since your veterinary website needs to be seen, why wait any longer? Call VetNetwork now to discuss a veterinary Search Engine Optimization Plan that is right for your hospital's website - 800-564-4215. Or you can email us here.