How Your Veterinary Website Blog Increases Your Hospital’s Search Engine Rankings

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A few months ago, we posted an article explaining how to write a good blog article for your veterinary hospital‘s blog. A compelling reason for adding a blog to your website is that blogs increase your website’s Google and search engine rankings. If a potential client finds your blog article through a search, chances are, he or she is going to find your veterinary hospital’s website, especially if you include links in your blog article back to your website. In the long run, increasing traffic to your website increases your exposure and ultimately drives visitors to your practice. (Now isn’t that why you have a website in the first place?)

Blog Articles about your Veterinary Practice Rank Well in Search Engines

Blog articles rank extremely well in Google and other search engines. But why do they rank so well? If you read the recommendations published by Google about how to get to the top of its search results, you know that content is key. Providing good content that people want to read attracts visitors to your blog. It also attracts search engines. A blog article provides fresh content and that alone makes it interesting to Google and the search engines.

The structure of a blog page makes it attractive to the search engines, too. After all, the page where your veterinary hospital blog lives is simple. Its function is to deliver content. There is very little navigation, no Flash, and few or no images. In addition, blog text is rich with keywords. (As we advised in an earlier article; if it’s not rich with keywords, then go back and add them!) Non-textual content is at a minimum, which enables Google’s and other search engines’ spiders to find, understand and classify your content.

Another aspect of blogs that makes them rank well in searches, is that posts are descriptively titled. By enriching your title with relevant keywords and repeating the same keywords in the first paragraph of your story, you make the content even more visible to search engines. Simple organization is easier for search engine spiders to “read” than a website with its complex network of crosslinks.

Should You Choose Between a Website and a Blog for your Hospital?

Should you give up on your website and concentrate on your blog? Probably not; however, some law firms use their blogs to answer questions about common legal issues and their websites for more general information about their firms. Veterinary hospital websites and blogs can also have this same symbiotic-type relationship. Your hospital‘s website — with information about your veterinary services, location, hospital staff members and photos — is the best way to advertise your practice, and your blog can provide visitors with continuous news feeds and interesting stories. Your blog is the best way to lead visitors to your website and ultimately through your hospital door.

Adding a blog to your website is just a phone call away. Why wait any longer to get to the top of Google? Call VetNetwork today and your blog can be live within 48 hours. If you are looking for ideas on what to write for your veterinary hospital’s blog, visit our blog, Writing Good Articles for your Veterinary Hospital’s Blog.

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2 Comments for How Your Veterinary Website Blog Increases Your Hospital’s Search Engine Rankings

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