7 Ways to Get More Leads from Your Existing Veterinary Marketing

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You’ve got a veterinary marketing campaign that’s off to a great start, but now you’re wondering, “How can I get more leads?” With these 7 tips, you will learn how to increase your lead generation and grow your practice.

Target prospects with Facebook ads and Google AdWords campaigns.

While it is important to have a beautiful website that ranks well, it is also important to target potential clients in several spaces – including on Facebook and Google ads. Facebook & Google ads can be a great way to gain additional leads and clients.  

Develop an email marketing strategy and follow up on every conversation with potential clients.

Potential clients want to feel as though they are your top priority. By returning calls and emails from potential clients, you can begin to earn their trust – and hopefully their business as well!

Creating an email marketing strategy can also help you nurture those relationships, as well as relationships with your current client base.

 Offer freebies or consultations as incentives for filling out contact forms or downloading brochures from your website.

To begin to build your target email list, you need email addresses! One great way to begin to build your email list is to offer an incentive for filling out a form on your website. whether it is a discount or a free nail trim, there are a number of inexpensive incentives your can offer.

Offer a free consultation or tour of your veterinary facility.

Potential clients want to know their pets will be safe while in your care. Choosing a new veterinarian is hard for many pet parents because they are not sure who they can trust. By offering a tour of your facility, you can show your potential clients that your facility is clean, safe and that their pets will be well cared for.

Leverage your family, friends, business partners, and personal network.

A veterinary practice needs to deliver quality service and results in order to successfully grow. Most veterinary practices focus on obtaining new clients when thinking about marketing practices. However, business owners also need to take into consideration all of the people who worked with them or used their services. By focusing on friends, family, and other business owners who give referrals, your veterinary practice will develop a group of loyal people who are willing to speak on your behalf!

Use online reviews to reach potential clients who are researching the best veterinarian in town.

By increasing the number of reviews you have on Google My Business, you can impact the visibility of your map listing. Reviews are also a great opportunity to win over potential clients who are on the fence about choosing you as their new Veterinarian.

Use social media to connect with local pet owners and promote your practice.

It is important to stay top of mind with clients in-between visits to your practice. While text and postcard reminders are great recall tools, social media also plays an important role. By staying active on social media, you can not only stay top of mind with your clients, but you can also build a community online where information, pet photos, etc. are shared. Your practice’s Facebook page should serve as an information hub for your clients to stay up to date on practice information and important pet-related news such as food recalls. As your followers “like” and interact with your practice’s Facebook page, these actions will become visible to their Facebook network of friends and family, which can serve as a great lead funnel for your practice.

Veterinary marketing is one of the best ways to ensure that your veterinary business thrives. So it’s important not only to create a website for your practice but also to use specific strategies and tactics in order to get more leads from potential customers.  If you need help with this process or want someone else who understands the nuances of how pet owners think, reach out! Our team has experience designing websites and executing successful marketing campaigns for veterinarians all over the world. Let us know what we can do for you today!

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