5 Powerful Features of Veterinary Website Design

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Did you know that the average conversion rate for a website is 4.31 percent? Although this percentage varies between industries, you’ll find that the higher your website’s conversion rate, the more successful your veterinary practice will be.   

This is because the more traffic you receive, the more customers you acquire. One of the most impactful ways to increase this rate is through modern veterinary website design that attracts your target audience, builds their trust, and convinces them to book an appointment.   

With this in mind, keep reading to learn these five powerful features you want to look out for when it comes to designing your veterinary website!   

  1. Responsive Design  

Responsive design isn’t going away, and with Google’s new mobile-first indexing change, it’s more important than ever before. Your website is easy to access and great to look at through responsive design, no matter what kind of device you’re using.   

Visitors won’t have issues viewing text or images, clicking on links, filling out forms, etc. However, without responsive design, mobile devices or tablets may not be able to access your website. It may also be more challenging for visitors to navigate, leading to frustration.   

  1. Unique Brand Identity  

Beyond being easy to access on various devices, it’s also vital that your website reflects your brand accurately. Here are a few elements that make up your visual brand that should be carefully considered for your website:   

  • Typography   
  • Logo  
  • Color palette  
  • Imagery   

The key to good branding is being consistent across all channels–from social media accounts to brochures. Talented web designers will help you choose branding elements depending on your veterinary office’s personality, mission statement, values, target audience, etc.   

  1. Keeping It Simple  

Did you know that, on average, you only have eight seconds to capture a visitor’s attention before they back out of the web page? This means that your website needs to be impactful and straightforward through negative space, color, typography, and format.   

This is done through bold imagery and headlines that can be seen at the top of the page and load fast.   

Your call-to-action prompts also need to be clear and impactful. According to Hick’s Law, the more options available, the longer it takes to act.   

With this in mind, reduce the number of choices for your visitors by providing one call-to-action that links to the next page on your website. Provide them with a breadcrumb trail that eventually leads to booking an appointment!   

  1. Search Engine Optimized  

Regardless of whether your website looks great, you won’t experience a lot of traffic if it’s not search engine optimized. SEO is a technical and marketing service that allows certain web pages of your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).   

The higher your web page ranks, the more likely you will experience more traffic from the local areas you’re targeting. SEO can become complex for small businesses, but it’s all about choosing keywords your customers use on Google and then creating content that ranks for those keywords.   

With Google’s increasingly sophisticated algorithm, ranking for the first spot is not as crucial because of local “near me” searches. You’ll benefit the most by ensuring that you’re on the first page!   

  1. Lightning-Fast Web Speed  

Remember that we said you need to capture a visitor’s attention in under eight seconds? This isn’t possible if you have a website that’s slow to load–most of your visitors won’t have the patience to wait.   

You’ll want to start by making sure your images are good quality but with file sizes that are fast to load. You may also want to compress files hosted on your site, have a developer clean up your website code, and ensure that videos featured on your homepage are concise.   

Prioritize Your Veterinary Website Design for Increased Interest  

Remember that most people will find out about new veterinarians through a Google search or word-of-mouth recommendation these days.  

By focusing on developing your website with professionals, you’ll be differentiating yourself from competitors and making a great first impression with web visitors who are ready to schedule an appointment.   

Web professionals will help you design an eye-catching website that attracts your target audience. They’ll also help you create a search engine optimized website that’s quick to load and responsive on all devices.   

At VetNetwork, we can help established veterinary practices and those just starting. So, if you’re ready to chat about your veterinary website design project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to get started!   

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