Postcard Mailing – Exceptional for Increasing your Veterinary Hospital’s Bottom Line

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If direct mail is a marketing strategy that your veterinary hospital has ignored, you are missing out on a powerful marketing tool capable of quickly generating new clients and additional revenue. Direct mail is relatively low-cost, reaches only local pet owners and other targeted groups, and provides immediate and measurable results.

An attractive, full-color, oversized postcard makes a great impression on your prospective veterinary clients. By including your veterinary hospital’s hours of operation, a warm and inviting photo, a discount coupon or free exam and a short, well-crafted message, pet owners will be drawn to your veterinary hospital. Additionally, if your postcard is informative, creative and eye-catching, pet owners will keep it as a handy reference and even pass it along to other potential clients.

However, the success of your hospital’s direct mail campaign depends on delivering the right message at the right time to the right person in the right way. Direct mail marketing is a complex discipline that requires expertise in several areas in order to be effective.

Direct mail has a number of attractive advantages for all types and sizes of veterinary hospitals. For a new veterinary practice, it can be used to generate clients. For a large or existing practice, it can be used to introduce or showcase a new technology or new piece of equipment. A veterinary specialty or emergency hospital can use direct mail to announce a new hospital service, the arrival of a board certified specialist or a new hospital or location.

Advantages of a direct mail campaign for your hospital include:

  • • Recipients can be targeted precisely
  • • Protect against an overwhelming response by mailing in batches
  • • Tweaking or modifying the message for individual batches (You can see which message brings the best results.)
  • • Easily fit your hospital’s direct mail campaign into any budget by limiting the number of recipients
  • • Can be executed quickly
  • • Able to test various messages to determine the one that works best

The creative veterinary marketing team at VetNetwork understands your target audience and has the skills to develop the just-right message to motivate existing and prospective clients. As the only marketing company exclusively devoted to the veterinary profession, VetNetwork has the knowledge, resources and expertise to target any segment of the pet-owning population that you want to reach and show them the benefits of your hospital’s services and products.

If you are interested in reaching out to pet owners in your community with a cost-effective direct mail campaign that produces measurable results, please call VetNetwork today. Our goal at VetNetwork is to help you benefit from the marketing potential of direct mail. Call today and start profiting from your direct mail campaign.

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