‘Tis the Season to Light Up Your Veterinary Hospital’s Online Presence

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It’s the holiday season and no one is online looking at your hospital’s website or following your blog, right? Wrong! The holiday season can be the most wonderful time of the year for your veterinary hospital and its online presence. It’s time to grab that camera and upload some festive photos of your employees, clients and their pets. Adorn your staff members with Santa hats and post the snapshots to your Facebook page. It’s time to put down the egg nog and begin to blog!

Sharing your sense of spirit either through your hospital website or your social media outlets will remind your clients that while they might be on vacation, you are still available to care for their pet. Many pet owners will be traveling this time of year; take advantage of this and post relative information such as how best to travel with a pet, which airlines accept pets in the aircraft cabin*, and what documentation or vaccinations are necessary when crossing borders.

Updating your online presence will also serve to remind your clients that you are available to service their pets (and all their pet’s needs) not just during the regular season but during the busy, stressful days and weeks ahead. Post the things that make your hospital unique:

• Extended and convenient holiday hours
• Special pricing on products and programs
• Promote your optimal pet boarding service

Continue to communicate with your clients about recent hospital news, community pet-related events or upcoming specials. Writing a regular newsletter (once a month) is a great tool through which to foster communication between you and pet owners.

Lastly, don’t forget that as the iPhone and other multi-purpose cell phone products increase internet technology and features, more and more of your clients will be looking to access your hospital through your mobile website. If you don’t already have one, ‘tis the season to consider letting VetNetwork develop one for you. Having a website developed specifically for mobile devices will give your traveling clients easy access to your hospital, increase your hospital’s visibility, improve your web traffic, and augment your bottom line.

So forget increasing your presents and consider increasing your presence! Happy holidays from VetNetwork!

*Be sure to advise your clients to check with their airline for pet and carrier weight and size specifications. Airlines that permit small pets in the aircraft cabin include:

Alaska Airlines
Horizon Airlines
US Airways
United Airlines
American Airlines
American Eagle
Air Canada
Jet Blue

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