How To Communicate With Your Tech-Savvy Clients And Become Their Online Expert

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If you want to communicate with your young, tech-savvy pet owners, it is important to establish your internet presence and become known as an expert in your field. As a veterinarian, you already have a distinct advantage over everyone else competing for this position. Compared with dog and cat breeders, novices, groomers and pet owners, your trustworthiness and your credentials have already been established.

To establish an internet presence, the first thing you need is a good, custom, professionally-designed website. The website should have a well-written “About” page that describes your veterinary hospital, plus a page that is devoted totally to you. Your website needs to provide your visitors with information that convinces them that you are the authority and the reasons why they should trust you. The information you provide should be as specific as possible, citing examples, publications and personal experiences. In some instances, being a veterinarian may be enough; however, if you are competing with another veterinarian or another veterinary hospital for the same audience, you need more credibility. In the “About” page, include information that makes your hospital unique and the role your hospital plays in your expertise. On the page that is devoted to you, mention any awards or recognition that you may have received. You should also include information about your mentors or noteworthy individuals whom you may have worked closely with and who might be well known in your field of expertise.

Another way to get noticed on the internet and recognized as an authority is by writing articles. Along with posting your articles on your website, you may want to submit them to article directories such as Ezine Articles and GoArticles. Once you have contributed several articles on a specific topic, EzineArticles may recognize you as an expert author, adding more prestige to your internet presence.

Blogs are the best way to communicate with your audience and expose your expertise. Compared with writing articles for your veterinary hospital website, writing articles for your veterinary blog is much easier. Articles that you write for your blog should be casual as well as personal. Not only is a blog an excellent tool for attracting new clients and for providing existing clients with interesting and useful information, it is also good for increasing your website’s Google and search engine rankings. This is true only if your blog is programmed as an actual page of your website. 

Another way to establish your internet presence is through social networking websites. Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are three of the most popular social networking sites. After setting up your profile, you can start connecting with pet owners right away. It might take some time to develop a following, but after a while, you will start making your online presence known. In our opinion, Facebook is the best for establishing your social networking presence.

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