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Your veterinary hospital has a logo, you’ve picked out a fresh website color, you’ve chosen a trendy screen font. Your neighbor’s son, a college design student, is home on vacation and has vowed to get your website up and running in case the web design package you purchased from the local computer store isn’t fully self-explanatory. So… you’re all set to customize your design, launch your website and successfully “brand” your veterinary hospital, right? Wrong!

Does this sound familiar? This line of thinking is common among veterinarians who are looking for a free website, no matter how poorly it represents their practice. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. Placing value on time, the web design process and a strong marketing strategy for your veterinary hospital will pay off in satisfied pet owners and profitable dividends in the end.

The biggest mistake most veterinary hospital owners make is equating their brand with the services and products they offer. In actuality, your brand extends much further than this; it is the visible (yet also invisible) element that distinguishes you from the other veterinary hospital 10 miles down the road. Your hospital’s brand establishes your identity and sets you apart from the competition.

When you envision your practice, remember the common adage: think outside the box. Your veterinary hospital’s brand or image envelops far more than just your building, locale, equipment, instruments, computers and kennels. Your brand should represent your philosophy and the excellent care you provide. Why should a pet owner choose you over the other nearby veterinary hospital? How do your employees contribute to your reputation? What is the first thing you’d like people to think of when they hear the name of your veterinary hospital? If you can’t define your philosophy, then your clients certainly can’t define it either.

Understanding the value that pet owners place upon connecting quickly and comfortably with their veterinarian will serve you well. Branding is not something to be developed overnight. It requires a thoughtful strategy, one aimed at interlinking all facets of your veterinary hospital. Consider it dually – both macro (yourself, your staff, your product and services) and micro (website design, mobile site, logo, consumer audience, etc.).

Every interaction you make with pet owners creates an impression. Whether online or in-person, your veterinary hospital reputation is your own. Thus, make your brand unique. Personalize it. Define yourself in a way that catches the client’s attention and depicts you as the valued and trusted pet care professional that you are. For more information on how to reach potential clients and keep them visiting and revisiting your hospital, contact us at today.

Time spent on your brand development will offer you long-lasting and satisfying rewards: content pet owners who return to your hospital every time their pet needs you.

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