Holiday Marketing: ‘Tis the Season to Light up Your Veterinary Marketing Plan

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What’s scarier than Halloween ghosts and goblins? The fact that the holiday season will soon be raining down on consumers’ screens everywhere. Major chain stores are already donning holly and lights in anticipation of major sales and in hopes of achieving greater profitable results. As a veterinary hospital owner, you have your own holiday wish list. Here are a few tips to make those wishes come true.

Holiday Dog

Decorate Early

Not your hospital- your marketing campaign. As you read this, some veterinary hospitals are already launching emails and postcards with their veterinary practices’ holiday promotions. So before your clients get caught up in shopping and festivities, think about ways you want to promote your practice. Have you added a new YouTube feature to your website? Are you embarking on a new social media campaign? Make your list- and check it twice. It’s time to highlight what makes your practice shine brighter than all the rest.

Inbox Boxing- Pack the First Punch

You’ve programmed your emails for an upcoming targeted blast. You’ve planned well for your clinic’s holiday promotions. So you’re all set, right? Wrong. Other marketers have thought of the same strategies and tactics to improve their business marketing, too. Your clients’ inboxes are bound to be peppered each day with numerous sales, offers and discounts. You need to strike fast and first- right in the subject line- and pique your clients’ interest so they’ll click “open” not “delete”.

Prepare Healthy Alternatives

Preparing a buffet of veterinary marketing ideas will help you get clients (and prospective clients) to eat right out of your hand. Some suggestions include:

Holiday Treats

  • Provide a “Bah Humbug Discount”- No one wants a sick pet at Christmastime. December presents a perfect time to fill your appointment book by advertising a discount on wellness exams or vaccinations;
  • Offer a discount on boarding for your traveling clients;
  • Hold a Facebook competition with a catchy title- “The 12 Dogs of Christmas”, “Jingle Bells, Favorite Smells”.
  • Post a YouTube video clip on your website showing your veterinary staff working in holiday attire;
  • Run a pet “fashion show” where owners can strut their canine and feline “turkeys, reindeer, elves”, etc.;
  • Advertise a grooming promotion so that Fido can look his best for the in-laws;
  • Add a temporary holiday design to your logo (a holly leaf, a Santa hat);
  • Host a small pet expo at your clinic with fun activities for children;
  • Raise spirits by sharing all that makes your pet community special. Don’t forget to include social sharing options and referral incentives for your loyal clients!

Silent Night, Gentle Delight

Sometimes less is more. In a season where tinsel, trees and tunes are sprinkled throughout every street, store and station, let your veterinary marketing strategy be one of subtle cheer. There is no need to bombard your clients every day or even every week.  Let two or three carefully selected strategies fall gently upon your clients and watch as their appreciation for you and your hospital grows.

Holiday Cat

Similarly, let your office staff embrace the season’s spirit. Pet owners everywhere will appreciate the happy reception they receive when greeted by holiday music, festive attire and cheerful attitudes as they walk in your hospital door.

Season’s Greetings

If nothing else, send a simple holiday card to your veterinary clients. For a small postage fee, pet owners can receive a genuine message from you that reminds them of your veterinary clinic and the services you provide. Showcase some of your own staff’s pets (thus reminding them that your employees are pet owners, too), slip a promotional or discount coupon inside, or simply wish them a message of New Year cheer. Gaining respect and loyalty does not need to be costly; it only needs to be real.

Consider sending out cards when others do not. Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve are not traditional “card holidays” so take advantage of what others are not doing and fill the gap with your marketing tools.

Start a Snowball Effect

Small Business Saturday is November 30 and major holidays like Hanukkah start earlier than usual. The time is here to effectively and pointedly market your veterinary hospital. Slide into winter with a marketing plan that will weather the economic frost heaves ahead. As always, for expert marketing advice and services, call VetNetwork at 603-743-4321. We are happy to help you leap into the New Year with increased revenue and a joy-filled outlook.


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