How to Encourage Positive Online Reviews for Your Hospital

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It’s a fact: Positive online reviews attract new clients to your veterinary practice.

Have you recently looked at your veterinary hospital’s online reviews? Are you happy with what your clients are saying? You have many happy clients so let’s get them to start posting positive reviews about your practice!

According to a 2013 study by Zen Desk, 88 percent of consumers are influenced by online customer reviews. Multiple sources agree on a couple of important things: online reviews influence consumer behavior and positive reviews increase your business. This holds true for veterinary hospitals as well.

So how can you ethically encourage pet owners to post reviews of your veterinary hospital that you can leverage to boost your website traffic, increase online discussion about your hospital, and ultimately increase your business?

What you should do as a veterinary hospital owner:

  • Include links or icons on your website to sites such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, Yahoo Local, and Google Places where clients can post their opinions.
  • Ask for reviews on your Facebook page and other social media platforms. Encourage pet owners to talk about your veterinary hospital on these sites in order to maximize valuable (& free!) word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Email pet owners following appointments to check in on their pets’ well-being, find out if they have any additional questions, and include links to the review sites for your veterinary hospital.
  • Train receptionists to encourage pet owners to visit your veterinary hospital website and post comments.
  • Follow-up on all posts – especially those that are critical – to engage with your clients and to keep their experiences positive.

What you shouldn’t do:

  • Offer discounts or specials if a pet owner posts a positive review of your veterinary hospital
  • Post reviews yourself, or solicit reviews from staff, family, or friends
  • Pay a third party to write a positive review
  • Post only positive reviews on your website

Want to maximize the power of your veterinary hospital’s reviews so they work for you and increase business? If so, call or email the veterinary marketing professionals at VetNetwork today!

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