Meet VetNetwork’s Team Mascot

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Hello… Dolly!

Every favorite team has a mascot, right? One that strides through the stadium, rallies spectator support for the home team, and musters enthusiasm even when team spirit is low. Well, our in-office cheering just got much much louder.

VetNetwork is pleased to announce the arrival of its own Team Mascot… Dolly!


Family Pedigree

Born on December 21, 2008, Dolly lived her first four years with our programmer’s mother in New Jersey. Following the recent passing of Grandma (Mom-Mom), Dolly moved to New Hampshire and joined her new family—our programmer, Mark, his wife and their four year old son, Nick. Mark is now the proud father of two almost-five-year olds.

A beautiful standard poodle, Dolly personifies (dogifies?) the breed’s best traits. She is proud, graceful, good-natured, enjoyable and cheerful.

An Entry Level Position

As the newest VetNetwork team member, Dolly is beginning her marketing career in an entry level position.

She dutifully guards our office entryway and she takes her job very seriously. No UPS or FedEx delivery personnel get by her without an official scent-driven inspection. Additionally, both at home and at the office, Dolly has proven herself to be a big believer of the adage “let sleeping dogs lie” and doesn’t much care for spontaneous interruptions to her day, least of all when owner Mark leaves the office.

A Mascot that Works like a Dog

Dolly has quickly assumed the role of chief morale officer. When she arrives, smiles slide onto the face of each VetNetwork team member. Although she is only a part-time employee, Dolly earns her keep in all ways and significantly boosts our product development. How? By ensuring that each VetNetwork employee receives a wag of approval whenever needed.

So Stay Tuned for… Our Dog with a Blog    Dolly Cartoon

Stay tuned for Dolly’s blog series where she lends marketing advice like only she can—as VetNetwork’s Top Dog.

So hello, Dolly… it’s so nice to have you here where you belong.

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