Veterinary Marketing: To Inform, Not Sell (Directly…Anyway)

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Mark Feltz

Marketing your veterinary practice must take successful shape in a number of forms today: print, online, email, snail mail-you name it. It can be extremely overwhelming. One method, though overlooked, is through educating, not selling. Below, we take a closer look at one of the most valuable means of veterinary marketing that your practice likely isn’t using, and why you should.

Veterinary Marketing: Inform Instead of Hard Sell

No matter the veterinary marketing techniques you use to get clients to your door, direct marketing is likely the first priority, especially on your veterinary website. While discussing why your practice outranks local competitors with service, compassion, and location in a beautifully-designed and user-friendly veterinary website is vital; it’s just no longer enough. You need to add more value to the website experience, and one powerful way to do this is by offering pet care articles and local veterinary information for your clients.

A resource section could be as simple as including 2-3 articles on local pet care info, checklists for at-home care, or great places to shop or go for recreation in your area on your website-as introduced by your savvy veterinary marketing company… Here are some of the most valuable benefits of considering a veterinary resource section on your website. Providing veterinary articles to your website:

1. Informs clients of preventative pet care, the best pet recreation spots, developments in veterinary medicine, etc.

2. Builds client trust. By giving out veterinary and pet care information out to your clients, you are solidifying a bond and enriching their experience with your hospital.

3. Brings in new clients. Building an informational section about local pet care tips and information gets the attention of Google (if it is well-optimized by veterinary SEO), and Google brings in new clients through your new articles.

4. Boosts Google rankings. Even if you do not currently have a veterinary SEO package working for your website (though, you need to!), Google likes informational articles, and will help boost your site’s rankings by serving up what Google likes: information for the searcher.

Including a veterinary pet resource directory on your website is a win-win: period. A number of our clients already have these resource sections and are getting the success they deserve. Learn more about how your veterinary marketing campaign can benefit from local pet resource articles and/or veterinary seo, and call VetNetwork today at 1-800-564-4215!

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