Seasonal Tips for Pet Owners

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Amid winter, pet care and ownership vary from client to client due to the dramatic shift in weather. All pets have unique personalities and will have their own responses to the colder months, which is why we believe it’s important to have this discussion with your clients. Having these notes throughout your office, as well as reflecting this information on your website, will help ensure clients that you have your pet’s best interest in heart.

Below, we’ve listed some helpful tips that you can share with your clients to make sure their pets are still healthy and strong during the Winter.


Let Them Know that Dogs Can Get the Flu, Too

While your clients may be dealing with an irritating cough or runny nose, their dog could also be dealing with the same things. It can be hard for a pet owner to decipher if their dog has fallen ill since their responses are hard to point out as on-going or just a one-time occurrence. Tell them about the symptoms that they should be looking out for, if the symptoms are consistent, and what the next best step is.


Outdoor Cats are Vulnerable to the Cold, Wind, Snow and Ice

While outdoor cats are common and may prefer the freedom, they’re not invincible. If any of your clients have outdoor cats, have a discussion regarding ways to protect them during harsh winter days where there may be rain or snow. Giving the cats a safe shelter where they can hide, eat and sleep will make them feel safer and comfortable, as well.


Clean Pets When They Come Back Inside

It’s fine to let dogs run and frolic in the snow, but be sure to inform clients to clean off their furry friend when they come back inside. Make a note that owners should check their pets’ paws for any cracked skin or bleeding, as well as their skin. Pets experience dry and irritated skin, as well, so provide them with ways to keep their pets comfortable and warm after taking them outside.


By promoting, sharing and encouraging these helpful tips to your clients throughout your office and on your veterinary website, you’re letting clients know that you’re dedicated to their pet’s wellbeing. Looking for more ways to promote your veterinary principles? Contact VetNetwork so we can help find the clients who are looking for a vet just like you.

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