Set (and reach!) your 2021 Revenue Goals

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This new year is going to pose some unique challenges for small business owners, and that includes veterinarians worldwide. No one is quite sure if things will ever be going back to normal, but they need to move forward. In order to reach pre-pandemic levels of productivity, veterinarians need to see more new patients in 2021 than in a typical year. Your practice can reach this goal with some simple adjustments to daily procedure and marketing efforts. The key to your success will be in the foundation of loyal clients that you already have at your disposal. By honoring your longtime clients and effectively reaching out to your community, you can fill up appointments and boost your profits for the new year. It won’t be easy to regain some of the losses experienced from last year, but with some intention and clear direction, you’ll be able to rise above any challenges you may be facing.

Clarify Your Client Database

Simple updates to your office’s organization systems can give you a clear picture of where to start when it comes to creating your goals for this upcoming year. This step is going to take some serious effort, but it is the foundation that will set you up for a successful financial year. Organize current clients by which pets need to come in for annual appointments, who needs to be followed up with about their care, and which pets need routine visits for chronic illness. Many people forget to schedule their pet’s annual wellness visit for whatever reason, and they may not reach out for months. This leaves their pet without proper care and it leaves potential profits on the table. Reach out to clients who have not been scheduled in a while just to check in and offer them a targeted promotion to get them back on schedule.

The new year is the perfect time to check in with clients and see how their furry friend is doing. Clients will appreciate the personal touch and will be more willing to set up an appointment while they have you on the phone. Pets with chronic health conditions need more regular visits, so be proactive with scheduling them. Don’t hope that a client will call to schedule a follow-up, keep a record of which animals need appointments and reach out to them directly to let them know that you have appointments available. By keeping accurate records of which patients need to be seen and when, you can help pet parents manage their pet’s health and make sure you are hitting your financial goals.

Update Technology for the New Year

Having an easy scheduling process will make all the difference when it comes to booking appointments. Veterinary clients want an easy, user-friendly experience so that they can get their pet the care they need immediately. In 2021, technology is more important than ever. If you fail to update your communication systems, another veterinary practice will. Clients appreciate being able to easily schedule with you or contact you about any pet care concerns. Build patient confidence in your business by streamlining all records and communication systems going into the new year.

This technological update should also include any equipment around the office that could use some attention. Take a look at what might need maintenance or repairs so that your patients can get more efficient care. Pet owners want a quick and stress-free experience when they go to the vet, so take note of where you may be able to afford some updates. Ideally, this should be the technology that you either use the most or will allow you to provide new services that you may not have offered in the past.

Seek Out Your Community

Veterinary practices are in a unique position to really build a sense of community with clients. Take a look at your patient records and reach out to pet owners just to check in. Don’t just cold-call clients with a generic promotion or discount, really get into the details and ask how their pets are doing. Try to enter into this new year on a personal note so that your clients can be reminded of why they chose you to care for their pet in the first place. Offer a compassionate message that is specific to your business’s unique voice and set the tone for how you are handling this new era. Adding your personal touch can help create your own community of loyal clients who feel like they belong, and who may feel inclined to refer you to a friend. Referrals and recommendations are some of the best ways to grow a business, and you should aim to increase them going into this prosperous new year.

By investing your time and efforts into your existing community, and continuing your long-term marketing strategies, you can recover losses from the past year and then some. The next six months are uncertain for every business, but with consistent time and effort, your veterinary practice can thrive in the new year.

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