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on Veterinary Hospital Email Newsletters

Since your website is generally the first place people look when they want information about your veterinary hospital, this is the best place to offer visitors the chance to sign up for your email newsletter. An email newsletter sign-up box should be included on the homepage of your hospital’s website and perhaps on several or all of your pages. Since there is a possibility that a visitor may never return to your website, having his or her email address gives you the opportunity to extend the relationship.

Email Addresses of Clients – Make sure you have email addresses for all of your clients. If not, ask them for their email address the next time they come in for an appointment. Your New Client Information Sheet needs to include a line for email address. Having a database of email addresses saves you time and money, especially when you are ready to send out your newsletter.

Visitors and guests at your hospital should be able to sign up for your newsletter. A sign-up sheet needs to be available in the reception area of the hospital and receptionists should be in the habit of asking guests to sign up for your email newsletter.

Whenever you speak to a group, don’t forget to ask for email addresses. At the end of your presentation, surveys should be handed out and a line for email address needs to be included. At local networking events, business meetings or social gatherings, make sure you bring a good supply of business cards to hand out. Exchanging business cards gives you another opportunity to gather email addresses.

Offer an incentive for signing up, include a Join My e-mail List link at the bottom of your emails under your signature and add email newsletter signup information to all printed material in your hospital.

By getting into the habit of collecting email addresses, you will see your email list grow over time. More contacts mean more opportunities to bring in new clients and build lasting relationships with pet owners in your community.

VetNetwork has the knowledge and technology to manage all aspects of your veterinary hospital’s email newsletter. We can design your newsletter, write your articles and send it to your database of subscribers. We offer a turnkey marketing solution for all veterinary hospitals. All you need to do is collect email addresses from your clients.

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