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The way you view the internet depends greatly not just on which web browser you use, but the version of the web browser installed on your computer. As time goes by, software installed on your computer changes and upgrades are necessary, especially for web browsers – new features are added, bugs are fixed and holes in security are plugged. If you are having difficulty viewing websites, you may need to upgrade to the newest version of the web browser on your computer.

Most internet users turn to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) for their web browsing needs. The latest version of Internet Explorer is version 8; however, many people are using older versions, including version 7 and version 6, which was released in 2001. Many features in IE have changed since version 6, and if you’re using IE 6 to browse the web, you may notice that some websites do not look right. This is because IE 6 interprets the code used to build websites differently than versions 7 and 8.

Why should you upgrade? Using the latest version of your web browser ensures that you’re viewing websites as they should be viewed. Upgrading also aids in security – IE 6 is well known for having numerous security flaws that allow malicious viruses and malware access to your computer. Current versions of IE have fixed many of these flaws.

If your computer is running Windows, it is simple to upgrade your browser. Simply go to the START menu on your computer, select All Programs and then select Microsoft Update. Then, follow the instructions on screen for upgrading your browser.

Though Microsoft is adding IE 8 to its new operating system, the company plans to continue to support IE 6 until 2014. However, some popular websites are lashing out at IE 6 and suggesting users upgrade to a more current browser. Popular social-media site Digg.com announced in July it is considering removing features from the site for users running IE 6. Also that month, YouTube announced plans to eventually phase out support for IE 6.

Keep in mind that Internet Explorer is not the only web browser out there. Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, Opera and Google Chrome are all web browsers comparable, and in some cases, better than, Internet Explorer. Installing these browsers is easy, and many of the settings you have saved in IE can be imported quickly and easily into a new browser.

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