Your Unique Veterinary Hospital Domain Name And Veterinary Hospital Website

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Does your veterinary hospital have a unique, personal domain name or is it included as part of another company’s domain name? How are visitors going to find you if you don’t have your own unique domain name or website address? A website that is included as part of another company’s web address is called a sub domain. If your website is listed as a sub domain, you may already have recognized some problems. If not, you may start noticing them very soon.

A major disadvantage of having a sub domain website is poor rankings on Google. In fact, as a sub domain, your veterinary hospital website may never even get listed by Google. And even if your hospital’s website manages to get listed by Google, it may have such low rankings that the public never sees it. Google does not like listing sub domain websites and feels that they do nothing more than clog up their directories. Since many sub domain websites are template sites, Google regards them as spam.

  • Example of a unique, personal domain name –
    This is your individual, unique domain name. No other company’s domain name is included in the website address. This is how your veterinary hospital’s website should be displayed.
  • Example of a sub domain website –
    The name of your hospital’s website follows the primary company’s name and a slash.
  • Example of a sub domain name –
    Your hospital website name appears before the primary company’s domain name.

If your website is included as a sub domain of another company’s website, you have no control over your domain name or over your website. Your website is just “riding along” with them. Since your website is totally dependant on the primary company and their website, their problems are your problems. Another way to put it, you are their hostage!

More advantages of owning your own veterinary hospital domain name will be included in future blogs. If you need help registering your domain name or deciding on a domain name for your veterinary hospital, call VetNetwork today.

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