Using Your Veterinary Hospital Domain Name

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Your veterinary hospital has purchased and registered a good domain name. Aside from being told that you need to do this, do you know why you have registered a domain name? Below are several reasons why your domain name is important and why you need an excellent one.

This is the final article in our series about veterinary hospital domain names. This should provide the veterinarian / practice owner or veterinary hospital manager with answers to most of their questions regarding domain names for their practice. If you have additional questions or would like to speak to one of the experts at VetNetwork, please give us a call – (603) 743-4321.

Part 3. Using your Veterinary Hospital Domain Name

Your website address (also known as website domain name or URL) will become part of your hospital’s brand and your identity. Like your hospital logo, if your domain name is simple and describes your practice, the general public will remember it. If it is complicated and difficult to remember, it will be forgotten.

As part of your brand, you want to print your URL (website domain name or website address) on your hospital receipts, business cards, and stationary. All printed material from your veterinary hospital should include your website address. Your website address should also be included in your phone message. Each time a client calls your hospital and is put on hold, he / she should be reminded about your website and hear your website address.

Link Building is a great way to establish credibility in your local area. Getting other businesses and organizations to put a link on their website (back to your site) is excellent for attracting new visitors and building credibility and name recognition. If your domain name is simple and recognized easily, most local merchants would be more than happy to include a link in their website to your hospital’s website. Ask your local chamber of commerce, merchants association, local hardware store or local bookstore to include your website address on their links page. If you are asking a kennel owner, dog / cat breeder, pet groomer or pet store owner to put your link on their site, make sure they share the same philosophy of pet health care and veterinary medicine as you. Only ask reputable businesses and organizations to link to your website. This is a great way to get pet owners into your website.

Your domain name is the internet address where your website is located. If your veterinary hospital domain name is simple, easy for clients and website visitors to remember, represents the name of your practice and is meaningful to the visitor who is looking for your website, it is going to be remembered. A good domain name is easily remembered!

If you own a domain name, you never need to change your email address again, even if you switch Internet service providers. Your domain name gives you a permanent email identity! If Dr. Smith owns the domain name, his / her email address can be In fact, they can have as many email address as they want, providing the email addresses end with

A good domain name creates a professional image for your veterinary hospital and you! Potential clients seek out professionals and your own domain gives you a professional image, prestige and credibility.

Every domain name is one-of-a-kind. Once you purchase a domain name, it is your property and no one else can use it. You need to register domain names for your veterinary hospital before your competitor does. You absolutely need to purchase the name of your practice. You should also register domain names that relate to the town, city or area where your veterinary hospital is located.

Call or email VetNetwork today. We are here to help you select and register your veterinary hospital domain name. The internet experts at VetNetwork can help you choose the best domain name for your veterinary hospital and complete the registration process on your behalf.

The Internet is growing at a phenomenal rate daily. Each day more than 167,000 new domain names are registered. If your veterinary hospital domain name is available and you don’t purchase it immediately, you run the risk of loosing it to someone else.

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