Benefits of a Great Veterinary Hospital Business Card

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Your Veterinary Hospital Business Card Speaks Volumes About You and Your Practice

Your veterinary hospital business card may look like a simple piece of paper, but it also serves as an important window into your profession. It speaks volumes about your animal hospital and your veterinary practice. Whether your business card functions as a simple contact sheet or a PR tool that piques the interest of future pet owning clients is ultimately your choice. Yet with minimal costs and high benefits, why not strive for the best?

Although the digital age has some people convinced that business cards are simply a creature of the past, this has not proven to be the case. A well-designed veterinary business card remains an incredibly important component of any hospital’s branding and marketing toolkit. The advantages of a business card are many, including serving as:

  • Inexpensive, non-aggressive advertising
  • An easy, painless networking tool and
  • A simple, credible first-impression for local pet owners.

With one quick glance, a potential client should understand who you are and what your mission is. According to John Williams of “Entrepreneur” magazine, business cards play a key role in forming your client’s first impression. A business card reveals not only how much pride you take in your profession, but may also communicate the necessary basics of your veterinary practice in a matter of seconds. This first impression then turns into lasting impression each time a client or pet owner sees your card on his or her desk or finds it inside a coat pocket.

Veterinary Business Card

In order to maximize its benefits, however, it is important to understand what your business card is capable of saying about you and your veterinary practice, and how you can best display this through a three-inch paper platform. Knowing precisely what to communicate, and the methods of best effectuating it, however, is no easy task. In only a few words and symbols, you should be able to communicate that you, your hospital staff and your veterinary practice are:

  • Credible
  • Qualified
  • Provide beneficial services to pet owners and clients
  • Dependable, and
  • Unique (going beyond your competition).

Pet owners have lots of choices when it comes to choosing a veterinary hospital. Therefore, veterinarians and hospital staff members need to go that extra mile to convince pet owners (and existing clients) that their hospital is superior to all the others. As we know, many pet owners are willing to spend a large amount of money and travel great lengths to ensure that their pet is in the right hands. You need to make sure that your hospital provides all the benefits and stands out as the only one worth visiting.

Ultimately, in a few simple words, you should be convincing your potential clients that your practice is the most trusted hospital for their sick pet. Conveying the appropriate traits is accomplished through:

  • Applicable contact information and credentials
  • Impressionable images, symbols or logos, and
  • Well-crafted text or tag-line.

These elements must all fit together to create the perfect image of your hospital and the care and benefits you provide to pets and pet-owners alike.

The creative veterinary marketing and design team at VetNetwork can help you design an effective business card that meets your hospital’s budget and your needs. Remember, when executed correctly, a business card can serve as a powerful branding and advertising weapon. Conversely, an ineffective card that does not accurately portray you and your veterinary hospital can negatively impact your image and growth. So, leave it to the veterinary marketing professionals at VetNetwork to ensure that you and your animal hospital get the care and attention you deserve.

Owned and managed by a veterinarian with over 20 years of hospital ownership experience, VetNetwork is the only full-service veterinary marketing company entirely devoted to helping veterinarians succeed. When you partner with VetNetwork, you can focus on what you do best and be confident that we will take care of the rest.

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