Why You Need A Mobile Website For Your Veterinary Hospital

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Why You Need A Veterinary Hospital Mobile Website

With the majority of US cell-phone users now owning smartphones, most pet owners will soon be “Googling” for a veterinary hospital while on-the-go. If your veterinary hospital doesn’t have a mobile website, you may lose out on business.

VetNetwork is now developing mobile websites to help veterinary hospitals stay in touch with their mobile clients 24 hours a day. Studies show that mobile browsing has increased a staggering 1000% in the past two years. Researchers predict that within the next year or two more people will be accessing the internet from their smartphones than from a home or office computer. Why should your veterinary hospital be missing out on this expanding and crucial market?

Mobile websites can generate nearly twice as much traffic as websites not created specifically for handheld devices. Today’s (and tomorrow’s) potential customers won’t struggle through a website that doesn’t load quickly or properly fit their mobile screen. Mobile viewers are looking for a website that loads immediately and displays the most relevant information in an easy-to-read design.

VetNetwork will create a mobile website for your veterinary hospital that includes what your visitors want.

  • Efficiently Loading Homepage – Your homepage will clearly display your logo, address, click-to-call phone number and an easy-to-use navigation bar.

Along with your homepage, the following sections are included in your mobile website:

  • About Us – This page will have unique information that creates a great first impression of your veterinary hospital.
  • Location – Providing mobile phone users with directions is essential. Therefore, your mobile site will include an easy-to-read Google map that directs your visitors to your hospital.
  • Services – Bulleted descriptions of your services will be included on this page. Visitors want this to be concise and brief.
  • Veterinarians – Visitors want to know you before bringing their pets to your hospital. We will include photos of veterinarians and bulleted information.
  • Contact Us – Your mobile visitors and clients will be able to contact you from this page.
  • Emergencies – 24-hour emergency contact information will be available to your visitors with one simple click.

The team of designers and developers at VetNetwork will ensure that your mobile website includes all these critical features and are presented in a clear and compelling design that promotes your veterinary practice. We use our expertise to highlight yours.

Marketing your practice through mobile devices can boost your credibility, help generate traffic and increase business. With more people using mobile phones for their internet connection, this is a market you and your veterinary hospital simply can’t afford to ignore.

If you want the right mobile website for your veterinary hospital, contact VetNetwork. We can have your mobile website live in just a few days.
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1 Comment for Why You Need A Mobile Website For Your Veterinary Hospital

Tammy Young | September 3, 2012 at 3:36 pm

I know that I use my mobile phone to look up businesses all of the time. If I come to a site that isn’t mobile friendly, I move on… and I know a lot of businesses are missing out. Mobile sites aren’t expensive and can be up and running in a week. Stop missing business!

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