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For veterinarians who want to have their veterinary hospitals noticed by today’s young and savvy mobile consumers, nothing is more important than developing a veterinary mobile website that works together with your complementary veterinary marketing tools to promote your veterinary brand. As a veterinary practice owner, you need to be innovative in your veterinary marketing plan – engaging both existing and potential veterinary hospital clients. Veterinary hospital marketing has become aggressive and your veterinary practice needs to reach pet owners any way it can.

A new and important marketing tool for your practice is a veterinary hospital mobile website. According to statistics, more than 50% of local pet owners are already searching for veterinary hospitals on their mobile devices. By 2014, more potential clients will be searching for veterinarians and veterinary hospitals on their smartphones rather than their laptops or desktop computers combined. By having a mobile veterinary hospital website for your practice, you will not be missing out on this expanding, young and affluent group of pet owners.

Searching on your mobile device for a website is different than searching for a traditional website on your desktop. Google uses entirely different algorithms for mobile websites than those used for traditional website searches. Your veterinary hospital’s mobile website is ranked for how well it is designed for a mobile phone, and the ranking results are based on how well the pages appear on mobile phones and handheld devises. If your veterinary hospital’s mobile website is not designed specifically for mobile viewing, it is probably going to get poor Google rankings.

As with your veterinary hospital website, you want an experienced and knowledgeable full-service marketing company – exclusively dedicated to the needs of the veterinary profession – to create your veterinary hospital’s mobile website. A full-service veterinary hospital marketing company, managed by a veterinarian with several decades of hospital ownership, understands exactly what pet owners want to see on a mobile website and what veterinarians need for business growth. This company should not have a learning curve when it comes to developing internet marketing strategies for veterinary practices.

VetNetwork is the only company that meets these criteria. We develop mobile websites that makes practices thrive. Our team of experts have already created dozens of mobile veterinary websites that have helped veterinary practices grow and increase their revenue.

Creating an impressive veterinary mobile website that is ranked high on Google searches is only the first step toward attracting young and affluent pet owners to your hospital. Using VetNetwork’s marketing strategies will also help increase your hospital’s Facebook traffic, develop tactics for Twitter communications, and get your mobile veterinary website to land at the top of Google searches. VetNetwork’s team of developers, designers and veterinary marketing experts will achieve these results for your veterinary practice.

VetNetwork can also ensure that your traditional practice marketing collateral – veterinary hospital brochures, stationery and business cards – dovetail with your new online media strategies. We’ll help you create an integrated and results-oriented marketing strategy that cuts across all platforms so that you’ll increase the visibility and revenue of your veterinary practice.

Call VetNetwork today. We can have your veterinary hospital mobile website live in just a few days.

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