Newsworthy Topics for Veterinary Hospital Press Releases

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The value of new and engaging press releases for marketing a business is often overlooked. Veterinary press releases offer a low-cost, effective, and informative way to engage and inform new clients, improve Google ranking, and substantiate your hospital’s reputation and brand. The stumbling block that most business owners have is what to write about. The truth of the matter is that your veterinary practice likely has a surfeit of newsworthy topics from which you could create veterinary press releases. Every day, something new happens at your veterinary clinic, and this could be the news of your next veterinary press release.

When it comes to creating press releases that will be accepted by press release and news aggregate sites, as well as noticed and valued by existing and potential veterinary clients, your content should have two attributes: qualitative and informative.

Below are several ideas for veterinary press releases that will bring you the viral marketing benefits your veterinary practice needs:

  1. Awards: Have you or your veterinary practice won a recent award in the industry or community? Creating a press release discussing what you won, who honored you, and the determining factors of the award is great publicity for you and your practice.


  1. Events: Perhaps your veterinary hospital is having an event for the holidays, a fundraiser, an open-house, or a general customer appreciation day. This should be announced as a press release.


  1. New Staff: Adding a new staff member is a newsworthy item. In your press release, include how this new staff member is beneficial to clients and their pets.


  1. Story of Inspiration: Stories of inspiration are everywhere, including in your veterinary hospital. Maybe you saved a dog after a life-threatening accident, an employee went the extra mile and the animal benefited with a happy ending, or you provided pro-bono veterinary work to a stray pet. Any personal story makes for a great veterinary marketing press release.


  1. Veterinary News: Veterinary press releases that emphasize your veterinary expertise, new technologies at your hospital, and even industry trends are great topics for your press releases.


  1. Charities/Affiliations: If your veterinary practice is affiliated with a community group, organization, or charity, you need to write about it. Not only will you be providing quality press release content, but you will be perceived as an involved and caring member of your community.


  1. Renovations/New Equipment: Hospital renovations, additions, and equipment upgrades are great ways to market your veterinary hospital’s business brand in a veterinary press release.


  1. Tips for Pet Owners: Run out of veterinary hospital news? Give your clients tips on pet care. As an expert in the field, it is likely that you have a wealth of information to share.

Of course, these are just samples of the newsworthy topics you could use for your own veterinary press releases; the possibilities are endless. A quality veterinary press release is paramount to meaningless chatter or shameless self-promotion. Google doesn’t like the latter, and readers (clients) won’t either. Think quality, informative, fresh, and compelling content and your next veterinary press release is sure to be a success.

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