Veterinary Press Releases Benefit Your Practice

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Online Press Releases

You’ve heard that you should incorporate press releases into your veterinary practice marketing campaign, but is the end really worth the means? Simply put, online press releases communicate valuable news and events to your existing and potential clients. Every communication is an opportunity to highlight your practice and increase business. Press releases are crucial to your veterinary hospital’s marketing campaign and you should consider implementing them.

The Value of Veterinary Press Releases

Everyone knows what a press release is, but very few business owners truly understand the marketing potential of a good one. The benefits of writing regular veterinary press releases include:

  1. Viral Distribution: Once submitted to a news aggregate site, your veterinary hospital’s news is distributed and shared by both the editors of these sites and those who read your press release, putting your hospital in front of potentially millions of viewers.
  2. Free Marketing: Many press release sites do this for free. Yes, for free.
  3. Connect With Your Clients: The more quality news and information you can offer your clients, the more that you become a trusted resource, develop a better reputation, and promote a more positive brand name. Developing a connection to your existing and potential clients is at the very root of business success, and even more so for the veterinary industry.
  4. Increases Your Google Rankings: Relevant and informative veterinary press releases that are deemed qualitative by Google, increase your rankings. Higher Google rankings mean that your veterinary hospital’s press releases are seen by more visitors.
  5. Substantiates Your Brand: Instead of using direct advertising to solicit business, press releases offer the consumer valuable information. The source and subject of the press release becomes a validated resource, and your veterinary hospital’s brand or reputation becomes more credible and valued.
  6. Lasting Visibility: Internet documents remain visible indefinitely. Your press release will continue to generate business for a long period of time.

A veterinary press release is an effective, informative, and low-cost method for marketing your practice. Writing and submitting veterinary hospital press releases require very little effort, while generating a significant marketing impact for your business.

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