Veterinary Hospital SEO: My Return to Distilled’s SearchLove Conference

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As VetNetwork’s Veterinary SEO Specialist, my foremost concern is improving and maintaining our clients’ search rankings; after all, the easier it is for potential clients to find your veterinary hospital, the easier they’ll find it to schedule an appointment and walk through your doors.

That commitment to giving you the edge you need to boost your bottom line means constantly striving to stay ahead of the game and learn about where the search industry is headed next. This past week, I attended Distilled’s 2015 SearchLove Conference to get the inside scoop on the future of the search and digital marketing industry from some of its most talented minds.

Your Veterinary Hospital SEO Advantage

The SearchLove Conference was held in Boston, a short drive south of our office. As may remember from my SearchLove 2014 report, the conference focuses on the latest advancements, methods and strategies of the elusive and mercurial beast: Google.

Here’s a rundown of SearchLove 2015:

Veterinary hospital SEO

Discussing the latest ways to keep your veterinary hospital website ranked high.


  • Brian Massey, Conversion Scientist
  • Casie Gillete, KoMarketing
  • Tim Wilson, Web Analytics Demystified
  • Craig Bradford, Distilled
  • Bridget Randolph, Distilled
  • Larry Kim, Wordstream
  • Jeremy Goldman, Firebrand Group
  • Justin Briggs, Briggsby
  • Rand Fishkin, MOZ
  • Craig Hughes, Unruly
  • Dana DiTomaso, Kick Point
  • Eppie Vojt, Red Ventures
  • Mark Johnstone, Distilled
  • Britt Klontz, Distilled
  • Kyra Kuik, Distilled
  • Luke Summer field, Hubspot
  • Ian Lurie, Portent
  • Amanda McGowan, SEER Interactive

Search Topics

  • Mobile Test Results: What Mobile 2.0 Will Look Like
  • Customer Experience and Its Impact on Search
  • Digging for Analytics Treasure
  • Creating Your Digital Strategy
  • Shocking : Get Traffic Fast with This One Weird Trick Discovered by Rand Fishkin
  • Mad Science of PPC Marketing for Inbound Marketers
  • Why Social Media and ROI Do Go Hand in Hand
  • Mobile Search: Why You Need to be More Than Mobile-Friendly
  • SEO and Web Marketing Trends of 2015
  • Beyond the View Count: Measuring Video Performance
  • Your Brand in 95 Characters
  • From Rankings to Full Funnel Ownership
  • Creating a Framework for Content Marketing Campaigns
  • Brain-Based Conversions! Using Psychology and Neurology to Influence Behavior
  • No More Scrambling: Search Leadership Tactics
  • How to Avoid ‘Top Ten Data’ Syndrome: The Most Undervalued Analytics Reports

Last year, I had a blast, met some of the leading voices in internet marketing and learned volumes of cutting-edge SEO tactics and methods. This year, which included the latest insights on mobile search/apps and content marketing and user engagement, certainly did not disappoint. I’m compiling my notes and slides for use in your SEO campaigns to get even better rankings and engagement for your practice. Stay tuned for a few in-depth reports!

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