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When it comes to pet care, you’re the expert. You can gain customers by sharing that knowledge on your veterinary blog.

Doctor Google and Your Veterinary Practice

The “Doctor Google” phenomenon, where people try to diagnose themselves by typing their symptoms into a search engine, isn’t just applicable to human medicine. It applies to pet owners looking up their pet’s symptoms, too.

This provides a great opportunity for you to gain long term clients by sharing your knowledge on your veterinary blog. And while it’s not the place for disseminating actual medical advice, it can be a great opportunity to delve into common behavioral questions.

Looking for a topic? You can get a good sense of what pet owners are searching for by typing the beginning of a question into Google and seeing what the search engine suggests. For example, if you’d like to write about cat behavior, you might type “Why does my cat” into the search bar and see:




The Benefits of Blogging

Sharing your knowledge online has been shown to be a very effective marketing tool. If properly optimized, prospective customers will discover your content and instantly have a positive association with your veterinary hospital. Your branding is reinforced. Existing customers will continue to be delighted by your work – and they’ll tell their friends.

There are many other benefits to blogging and establishing yourself as an online expert in veterinary medicine. When pet owners find your information useful, they’ll happily share your post on social media, giving your practice free word-of-mouth veterinary marketing.

Blogs can also help you increase your overall search engine optimization. Above all, Blogging can directly translate into more business. According to a survey from HubSpot, more than half of blogging businesses reported new customers as a direct result of their company’s blog.

We Can Help

Blogging requires dedication. Your audience, much like your existing client base, won’t be built overnight. It takes time and carefully planned content for the full effect to be realized. VetNetwork can help by crafting unique, useful and carefully targeted content for your blog.

If you would like more information on starting a veterinary blog, contact VetNetwork today.

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