3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing

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You’ve designed great print materials, have a monthly newsletter and update your blog consistently—yet you still hear crickets from your clients. Content marketing can be tricky, especially when your focus is to sell and your audience isn’t paying attention.

Why waste time and resources reaching out to pet owners when you can’t connect? The answer is easy! It’s all about your approach. Here are a few ideas to help get your content marketing plan back on track.

Content Marketing That Will Get Your Veterinary Hospital Positive Results

What people crave is content that’s not only relevant to them, but will better their lives.

Know Your Audience – It’s important to know the demographics of your veterinary hospital. Do you have a majority of older clients or are they younger? Babyboomers and Millennials read and digest media differently. Knowing and understanding this break down can save you time and your veterinary hospital money.  You have a better chance of connecting with pet owners authentically if you know more than just the demographic breakdown.

Stop Selling – There’s a reason why TiVo is so popular. We’re constantly bombarded with “buy this, buy now, hurry up and buy” messages. What people crave is content that’s not only relevant to them, but will better their lives. That means skipping marketing content that focuses on selling your services. In other words, it’s about them and their problems, not you.

Think Outside the Box – If you’re posting content on your blog that’s the same message over and over, you’re going to lose your audience. The Internet is a black hole of good intentions. Keep in mind that you’re competing for the attention of pet owners. If your content marketing isn’t saying anything new, those pet owners—who are also potential clients— are going to move on.

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