Director of Services Paul Perry Shares His Impact Training Experience

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paulWhat stands in the way of achieving your goals? That’s one of the central questions explored in Impact Training, a four-day immersive and experiential conference designed to help people break through obstacles to gain the results in life they want.

My journey with Impact Training started as a participant in February 2007. Through that experience I began to realize how often my own internal conversations and beliefs about what was “impossible” prevented me from making any effort, therefore dooming me to failure before I even started.

With a new level of awareness of how I get in my own way, I made the decision to stretch myself and become trained as a personal coach. At that same time, I was working as a project manager for a marketing department of a multi-million dollar company that had just decided to rebrand their image. I decided to take a risk and jump in to lead the project. A year later, I was speaking in front of the entire company; showcasing our new brand and helping my fellow employees understand that our brand was much more than a new logo or colors, but our commitment to making decisions every day that will provide the best quality and service to our clients.

Since that time, I have remained involved in serving, leading and sponsoring Impact Training in the New England area. And because VetNetwork believes so strongly in giving back to the community, I was recently given paid time off to assist and guide a new generation of leadership at yet another Impact Training in the Boston area. It’s deeply rewarding work to help others find the freedom and courage to attempt things they once believed to be impossible, and by doing so, make a significant difference in their community, at work or at home.


Paul joined VetNetwork as Director of Services in March of 2016. He brings an optimistic creativity as part of the design team and a flare for organization and efficiency as the team’s production manager. He says, “I’m doing what I love to do—make things beautiful, effective, and efficient.”


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