Mobile Sites Rule in 2017

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It may be hard to believe, but we’re already a quarter of the way through 2017. At VetNetwork, we’ve been watching marketing trends so we can report back to you, the veterinary hospital owner, on how to keep your practice one step ahead of your competition. So far, there has been one major marketing trend that stands out from the rest: mobile websites.

In the past, mobile websites were recommended, but not required; some people used their phone to locate businesses, while others used their computers and other—it’s hard to believe—still checked the Yellow Pages. That’s old news. According to an article in Search Engine Land, over 60 percent of all web searches are made from a mobile phone! With numbers like that, you can be sure that pet owners in your area are using their mobile devices to find veterinary hospitals just like yours.

A a veterinary hospital mobile site is essentially a condensed version of your existing veterinary hospital website. There are important pieces of information you need to add to a mobile site, including:

  • A tight, concise introduction to your hospital. People may be making more mobile searches, but they also tend to stay on those mobile sites for shorter periods of time. Your introduction should be to-the-point, informative, and welcoming—all at the same time.
  • An interactive location page. Simply listing your veterinary hospital’s address doesn’t cut it anymore. New mobile sites are interactive, and GPS can help navigate a pet owner directly to your hospital.
  • List of services. Again, these need to be quick and to-the-point. Some pet owners are looking for one specific service (e.g. wellness examinations, boarding and grooming, spay/neuter), while others are looking for a general overview of your practice. A quick layout of your many services works for both types of pet owners.
  • Veterinary biographies. A quick and easy way to personalize your practice. Here you can add information about a veterinarian’s education background, professional interests, association memberships, personal information, their pets and thoughtful quotes.
  • Emergency information. When a pet owner is in the middle of a pet emergency, they need to find care fast. That’s why your mobile site needs to show them whether or not you offer around-the-clock emergency services. If not, it’s a great idea to refer emergency cases to 24-hour emergency clinics in your area.

Don’t leave your veterinary hospital stuck in the past—it’s time for you to have a custom-built mobile site to meet the demands 2017 trends! VetNetwork has the marketing skills and experience to help create a mobile site that ranks high in Google searches and is sure to bring in more clients. Call (603) 743-4321 today for more information!

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