5 Innovative Veterinary Marketing Ideas For Social Media

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If you’re running low on veterinary marketing ideas, you may want to turn to social media.

For starters, this is a great way to raise the profile of your clinic. However, social media also allows you to educate your clients on veterinary topics. This can also help you deepen your relationships with your audience.

In other words, veterinary medicine and social media platforms are a perfect fit. That said, you still have to produce content that will resonate with your clientele.

Need some help getting started? Here is our list of the perfect 5 things to post on social media.

Mid Section Of Male Veterinarian Doctor Carrying A Rabbit1. Ask-a-Vet Sessions

These days, many pet owners rely on social media for information. One of the easiest ways to take advantage of this is to host a weekly ask-a-vet session.

As a general rule, these sessions should have a standing date and time. This lets your audience know when the event will take place, allowing them to take part. If you’re hosting the session on Twitter, don’t forget the dedicated hashtags!

2. Facebook Polls

This is hardly a surprise, but people love sharing their two cents on all kinds of subjects. Pet owners are no exception. When it comes to their furry friends, they’re all too eager to voice their opinions.

That’s why Facebook polls are an excellent research and engagement tool. By asking pet-related questions, you’re basically inviting conversation. This also makes it easier to advertise your business and services.

3. Themed Weeks

Many of us enjoy sharing Facebook posts, but how do you capitalize on that in your own marketing strategy?

Well, you could plan out some themed weeks. During a golden retriever week, you’d only post photos of golden retrievers. The following week, you’d move on to beagles or poodles.

If you promote these posts correctly, you should be swimming in comments, likes, and shares. Plus, you’ll let your clients know that you have experience with these specific breeds.

4. Follower Posts

Struggling to come up with Facebook post ideas? You could always let your followers share some of that load. All you need to do is set up your social media pages to accept posts from your followers.

Now, this does come with a couple of downsides. For instance, you’ll be leaving yourself open to negative feedback. Then again, addressing these concerns in a professional way helps build business trust.

5. Fill-in-the-Blank Posts

Finally, you can also use social media to post fill-in-the-blank updates. The concept is quite simple: type out a sentence with a designated blank field. In doing so, you’re inviting your audience to — you guessed it — fill in the blank.

As you may imagine, this is yet another way to drive engagement. Just like with Facebook polls, your clients will feel obliged to share their opinion. Remember, short sentences work best here.

More Veterinary Marketing Ideas

Marketing your veterinary practice is all about highlighting the value of your brand. Social media is a great tool for that, but it’s far from the only one. After all, reaching your target audience is a complicated and multidimensional process.

Are you looking for more innovative veterinary marketing ideas? Interested in professional veterinary marketing services? Contact us right here — we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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