5 Ideas for Vet Coupons That Bring in Loyal Customers

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Barkin great Ideas_According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), Americans will spend over $18 billion on veterinary services this year. And with a steady increase of more and more people buying pets, this figure will more than likely rise before it gets any lower.

Whether you are new to the business, or you have been fixing up animals from since the 60s: having a larger client base wouldn’t hurt.

But with there being so many veterinary offices, it can be hard to be the one that sticks out in people’s minds. A good way to get people to come in for the first time (and then, over and over again) is to lure them in with a couponScroll down to learn about five vet coupons that could help bring feet (and paws) through your business’s front door.

1. Offer and Give People a Discount on Learning About Their Pet’s DNA

If you are on any social media (whether for your business or your personal accounts), it is hard to ignore how fascinated people have become with learning about their DNA.

Pet owners are no exclusions from picking up on this trend and getting their dog’s DNA tested.

This isn’t much work for your office because you usually send them home with a DNA cheek swab that they will return to the office.

People love this because not only does it show them their dog’s DNA by percentage. It also shows them what allergies &etc. their dog’s breed is more prone to.

This is still a new market. So if you offer it, especially at a discount, you may be able to lock in some returning clients for your office.

2. Easy Vet Coupons: Offering a Free Pet Physical for First Time Clients

People get their kids a physical yearly. So why not get one for their fur babies too?

As a trained veterinarian, this is something you can do pretty fast. You can also use it as an opportunity to recommend other services that the pet may need in the near to distant future.

The client gets a free pet physical, and you get a client who trusts you with their pet. It is a win for everybody.

3. Start a Discount Veterinarian Loyalty Club

This is a very obvious statement, but people tend to enjoy saving money.

If you have a card made up for your office that allows people to receive a reward at the end of the card filling up, it will bring customers into both fill up that card and earn enough stamps/stickers/points to receive a free service.

This service could be small. For example, a free vet visit.

But this may be something you discuss with a marketing person. You do not want people to feel swindled. But, you also do not want to lose money on your end either.

4. Partner up!

See if there is a local pet salon that is also looking for more customers. You could offer a free bathing package from their business with your services.

They could do something similar. For example, they could offer a free physical coupon for your vet office with a full bath service.

This could benefit both businesses and hopefully bring returning customers to both ends.

5. Offer Discounts or Freebies for Customer Referrals

Don’t leave out your current clientele!

If and when a customer refers a friend to your office, provide that referring customer with a coupon or gift of some kind.

Word of mouth is one of your most helpful tools. And many new people will come in based on who their friends trust.

Paws and Think About What Works Best For Your Business

These are a few vet coupon ideas on how to bring in new clientele. But get a feel for the area you put your office in.

Also, do not be afraid to reach out to mentors or companies to help you get your business booming.

Have any questions or comments on how to use coupons to raise your clientele? Please feel free to contact us!

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