3 Ways To Instantly Improve Veterinary Digital Marketing

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Improve Veterinary Digital Marketing

Do you find that your veterinary digital marketing strategy is not as effective as you had planned? Before starting from scratch, there are a few ways you can improve your digital marketing to make it more effective for your practice.

Content is still the dominant way of drawing attention to your web presence. It’s also the best way to and reach all clients and prospects at once. The way we use web material is also evolving with new technology such as artificial intelligence and algorithms. It’s time to prepare by updating your web content across all channels to elevate your SEO.

Update Your Website Regularly

If your website still looks and functions like the 1990s, you’re missing out. Providing a great client experience is most critical for your website. That starts with the first impression they get when they land on the site. Start by clearly communicating who you are and what you do.

Use a clean website design and landing page that puts these details in plain view. Having a clean design that makes it easy for the user to find what they need. They are either looking to learn something or get something. Potential customers also want these resources fast.

Google also has criteria that they reward by giving these websites higher rank. Make sure you have an excellent web host. That will affect your website speed and load time. Create a checklist for periodic function checks. Make sure all buttons and tools work properly. Also, check for broken links and page load errors. Include a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate in your updates.

Like an older style home compared to a modern one, you may need to renovate your website. This can help you show better visuals, give a more convenient user experience on your site and have the right tools in the right places.

Publish On Your Blog Regularly

The content on your website is part of a successful user experience. You’ve heard the praises of blogging and the wonders it can do for traffic and conversions. It only works if potential customers find the blog useful. Determine your blog’s usefulness by a few things:

  • Does it teach or inform something new.
  • Do you post on a regular and consistent schedule.
  • Is the content relevant or evergreen.

Post fresh, interesting blog post content

Research to find out what your audience needs and wants to know. Engage with your social media followers, join groups and make notes about what your physical clients ask about. This will set up the subject matter for your blog.

Make a regular blogging schedule and stick to it

Decide if you want to post every day, once a week, or once a month. Whatever schedule you choose, post often and be consistent. Your audience will want to see that you will be around. They will begin to look forward to the valuable information you post.

Go back and update old blog posts

Information changes often across all industries. As new technologies and news come available in the veterinary market, go back and update blogs from the previous year. That will also help your search engine optimization (SEO). Google wants to see up to date, relevant content.

Consistently manage your social media

A strong social media strategy is just as important as your website. It’s part of your overall web presence. Search engines also use it as a factor in ranking your page. Work with your marketing team to come up with a strategy. The social media marketing plan should produce fresh content on a consistent schedule each week.

That content should highlight your business, teach something, provide a unique experience, all while making the user feel it is all about them. Using the right headlines and wording will entice your social media follower to click on your website and learn more.

Don’t leave traffic, conversions and money on the table

It’s as simple as making a plan, taking action and being consistent with your new system. Stay ahead of the marketing game by keeping your content updated on your website and social media platforms. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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