5 Tricks to Improve Your Veterinary Practice Marketing in 2019

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With 2019 in full swing, you may be thinking about how to improve your veterinary practice marketing in the new year. As busy as you are caring for animals and running your practice, you understand that marketing is equally important to bring a steady influx of new families and their pets. As a leader in veterinary practice marketing since 2002, VetNetwork would like to share some valuable tips to position your practice near the top.

Offer New Customer and Refer-a-Friend Savings

Someone who has never brought their pet to your office might be willing to schedule an appointment if they can save money in the process. To attract new customers in 2019, consider running specials for those who are new to your practice. You might also consider rewarding your current customers so as not to alienate them. Some possibilities include a gift card towards pet supplies or services for every referral or a small gift after spending a certain amount of money with your clinic.

Thank Customers and Ask Them to Leave a Review

Within 24 hours of their visit to your practice, be sure to send a follow-up email to every customer. The email should reiterate that you appreciate the trust he or she has placed in you to care for a beloved member of the family. This is also the ideal time to ask for a review while the encounter is still fresh in the client’s mind. Providing them with a direct link to your listing on Facebook, Google, or Yelp makes it especially convenient for them.

Engage with Social Media Followers

If you do not already have a page on each of the social media platforms, creating one needs to become a priority. People especially enjoy using social media to talk about their pets and share pictures of them. It is a good veterinary practice marketing technique to respond to all comments left on your pages, whether positive or negative. Running periodic photo contests is a fun way for people to show off their pets while becoming more engaged with your veterinary practice at the same time.

Participate in Special Events in the Veterinary Industry

Certain organizations within the veterinary industry such as the American Veterinary Association frequently sponsor awareness events such as Adopt a Shelter Dog Day, Pet Cancer Awareness Month, and Veterinary Assistants Week. Aligning your clinic with these events helps to raise awareness for important issues related to animal health and well-being while also positioning your practice as a place that can help with the specific concern. You might consider putting up posters in the clinic, dedicating posts on Facebook to the cause, or even holding an information session to teach people in the community more about the topic.

Reach Out to New Residents

People who have just moved to your area need to find new service providers in every category, including a veterinarian. You can obtain a list from the United States Postal Service of addresses with new occupancy in the last 60 days and use that list to send targeted ads offering a discounted exam.

VetNetwork can help you with this through our variety of print services. We can help you design

The above are just five ways to improve your veterinary practice marketing for 2019. We are happy to discuss more with you during a personal consultation.

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